"Jargon busting" competition

What, in your opinion, are the worst, most annoying cases of IT jargon that are currently in vogue? At Simple-talk we’re on a drive to stamp them out. The top five words/phrases that you will not hear around Simple-Talk are:

  • Synergy
  • Thought leadership
  • Social media communities
  • Ground-floor opportunity
  • Vibrant (by order of Phil Factor)

The list is growing day by day. By way of a diverting competition, all you have to do is send me the top three examples of IT jargon that you’d really like to see stamped out, or just the worst example you’ve found of corporate “hot air” on a website. The competition this time is sponsored by my good friends at Wrox, so the two best entries will receive a  copy of one of these two “jargon-busting” Wrox books:

1_0470047046.gif    1_0470055200.gif

I also offer Simple-Talk goodie bags to the five runners-up. Just leave your submissions below (or email me if you prefer). Winners will be announced in the next newsletter (20th Feb).