How "not" to update SQL Azure – continued

So a month ago now I wrote a blog post in a state of fury at Microsoft for updating SQL Azure without a proper announcement, it’s time for an update.

After the blog post I was e-mailed by somebody in Microsoft to talk through my issues with the way that the SQL Azure update was handled. It seems that I wasn’t the only one who was – to put it mildly – a little upset. From what I’ve heard my blog post created a little stir on the MVP forums (which I can’t see).

Kudos however goes to Microsoft for at least posting a blog article explaining in detail the issue we hit so that others are at least a little more prepared.

Checking Your SQL Azure Server Connection

I’m still not convinced that Microsoft it going the right way in updating Azure, if you’re not on the right private CTP you can be taken by surprise by a new feature. Also I continue to say there should be a way to test against a release/update of Azure before the actual roll-out occurs. After all I’m sure Microsoft have some internal version of Azure against which they can test things, so why can’t we?

So what now, well the best things I can suggest is keep a very very close eye on the Microsoft blogs on Azure, be sure to read and understand every article and think about how it could affect you.

It’s not an ideal situation but I hope that this communication is still a work in progress. You can be sure I’ll be talking to as many Microsoft people as I can at SQL Pass Summit to try to get clarification.

If you want to come chat to me about SQL Azure or Azure in general please do. I’m not sure if I’ll be hovering around the stand much but I’ll make sure there are contact details for me at the stand.

Otherwise tweet me (and I’ll hope the wi-fi works) @richard_j_m