How Losing Weight Caused Me to Lose My MS Surface RT in Vegas

My wife and I had just spent 3 terrifically hot days driving through the desert from Las Vegas to LA and San Diego. It was a couple of weeks ago today. I live in Florida and have to say I have not seen 109 degrees F (42.7778 C) in a very long time. I saw it on this trip somewhere near Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. For the entire 3 days of gambling, sight-seeing and driving, we lugged around our Microsoft Surface RT’s that we had purchased at a discount at TechEd New Orleans a couple years ago. We toted them with the idea that we would get the inclination to blog or take pictures or whatever. We did not take them out of our bags once, other than to check them at security on the way to Las Vegas from Orlando.

It was a terrific trip and we actually got to stop by Denny Cherry’s house on the way to San Diego for about 9 minutes. It is a very cool house. We also ate a Pink’s Hot Dogs in downtown LA, close to the Hollywood sign and I bought a screenplay from an actual screenwriter. The book store owner asked me if I was also a screenwriter. I told him, “Yes!, in a future version of me.” He liked that. He had written 12 screen plays, none if which had sold. Maybe I would write a screenplay on my Surface that night in the hotel, I thought. I didn’t.

Heading home to Orlando from Vegas on Sunday, we did the usual humiliating dance of checking though the security checkpoint, dispensing with the shoes, belts, Surfaces, plastic bags of legal sundries. The lines were long and it was still hot. In the past several months I had lost nearly 30 pounds but still was wearing my older shorts because I had been to lazy to go buy ones that actually fit. I had bought a nice belt though and it had sufficed…until I had to remove it at the screening point. The heat of the desert also helped me to keep the weight off that weekend despite the ample amount of drinks and food; at one point we actually purchased an Eiffel Tower Margarita. Really it was a drink served in an Eiffel Tower. With the belt off, I had the terrifying feeling my shorts were going to fall off. I had dumped all of our stuff into the bins, including our Surface RTs and was patiently waiting my turn for the Gamma Ray Nudatron Scanner and possible pat down.

After going through the body scan, bending in such a way that allowed the waist of my shorts to remain at my thighs, I darted out and began to retrieve our belongings. My wife was already through and had her things packed up and was ready to bolt to our gate. The first thing I looked for was my belt and spent the next few embarrassing moments dressing in front of everyone else coming through the line. I either did not see my Surface RT or thought my wife had grabbed it, or honestly did not even think about it amidst the chaos that was dressing and collecting, but I did not get it. That was the last I would see of it in this lifetime.

I did not notice its absence until back in Orlando. I did not even try to take if out of my laptop bag on the plane. Part of the reason I did not notice it being gone was that the screenplay I purchased in LA was in a black binder and was the same size and weight as the Surface RT.

I finally filed a report with Lost and Found the following week but was told it could not be found.

Whoever has my Surface RT, I say this to you. It is OK that you have it. I did not use it as much as I should have. There were no pictures or novels or screenplays or really anything there that I would need. I hope you get much more use out of it than I ever did. And I don’t say that because I think it is not a worthwhile device. It is. I say that because I already have other devices and laptops and tablets where I do the bulk of my work. The Surface RT to me was an impulse buy for $99 bucks that I got as a good deal at TechEd and as much as I wanted it to be my next writing instrument, it simply wasn’t. I could not install SQL Server or SQL tools or really anything that would use in my day to day life.

So go enjoy that Surface RT, whoever you are that has it.

Just remember, I have the power charger still. And I will sell that to you for $99.00.