How 10 Small Characters Tried To Ruin My Weekend

I am sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Atlanta, Georgia this morning. It is 11:17AM and I have been here since 9:35 AM. I will be here another 3 hours so I am finishing a few things, like this blog post, my presentation for this weekend in Costa Rica and a new SQLBeat Podcast. By all accounts I SHOULD be in Costa Rica already this morning. I am kind of burying the lead here but I blame the coffee and stress; the coffee started early this morning and has not stopped and the stress, well, that began yesterday morning when just by chance I said to my wife and traveling companion, “Wouldn’t it suck if my passport was expired?” She found it immediately and confirmed our worst fear. Yes, indeed our day was about to suck. Those 10 characters “2 FEB 2014” told us so much with so little. It said, I would NOT be traveling the next day and that I would lose close to $500.00 and I would not spend the weekend with my wife. Oh and I had a presentation to do for the SQL Saturday in Costa Rica. All ruined.

But alas, as my mom always said, “where there is a will…there is a way.” I am in the midst of that “way” now because I did not concede to failure. My wife, Karla, moved mountains as usual and with a little extra effort on my part, which meant changing my flight to later on Friday and driving 7 hours to Atlanta to get a one day passport renewal. So here I am in Atlanta on Peachtree Street NE waiting for fate to deal me my last hand. Will my passport be ready as promised? Or will I have to find my way back to Orlando having lost all hope? I have a 5:50PM flight and my passport will not be done until 2 to 3 PM. I am told that traffic on Friday after 3 will be bumper to bumper.

I have made it this far. My one way rental car was only $17.00. My hotel in Atlanta was free with rewards points. My re-arranged schedule was accommodating with enough time to succeed. My appointment went well. Oh and I saved a box turtle from certain death last night at a gas station when some European travelers fretted over its decision to walk into oncoming traffic. They were afraid to pick it up. I was not. I gently put it back in the grassy path in between the gas station and pond it came from. And the little guy lived. I bought myself enough Karma for 1 more day. Let’s hope.

I will either follow up from Costa Rica, with a large beer. Or I will be hitchhiking back to Orlando tonight, crest fallen.

What counts for a DBA you ask? Stress, Turtles, Luck and “CHECCKING THE EXPIRATION DATE!”