From C to Shining C – My Son’s Journey

My oldest son is turning 22 this week, on Wednesday. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said all he wanted was for me to sponsor his journey, Walk Across the World.

He asked me to go check out the site he was putting together and what he plans to do after he graduates with a BS in computer science in May. I knew he had already purchased the domain (which I am surprised was still available) but when I had visited the site a mere few days earlier it was essentially under construction. I told him that he said, no, go check out what I have done. I have to say I was impressed at the amount of content he has posted up in a short time and the more I read the more I saw his commitment to actually setting out on a walking journey to find what Wealth, Health and Freedom mean to the people he will encounter along his way.

Of course I am a parent and I expressed my concern. How will you eat? Where will you stay? How are you going to get money? There are a lot of bad people out there.

I thought back to what I was doing at 22. I was a drummer in an alternative band and working as a computer operator on a mainframe part time while I worked my way through college. I could have easily decided being in a band would have been a better path to take than the one I ultimately did. But then I would not be writing this birthday blog to my son. I definitely made the right decision.

And while this is not a new idea to live carefree and discover the world while you discover yourself and others, think “On the Road” and even Peter Jenkins who with his dog Cooper set out across America on foot in the late 70’s, this is a new generation and the world is still out there waiting to be discovered.

So, with hope for my son who has the potential for being a very talented professional programmer someday, I write this blog to say Happy Birthday, Brendan, and ask anyone who may be interested in following his travels, visit

Because he knows I am a DBA and would be proud of him AND because I sponsored $100.00 he made this shout out to show off his C skills with arrays, lists and data structures. There I did turn this into a semi-technical post after all by using the term “data structures”.