Finishing at the Starting Line: The Screenplay

Today I had a great idea for a screenplay. It was the kind of idea that made me want to stop everything I was doing and sit down and begin writing. That was not feasible to do because my work day was just starting out and I had SQL Servers to attend to. I am a DBA after all and not a screenwriter. But the idea stuck with me throughout the day and I daydreamed of how I might one day hold the completed manuscript in my hands and shuffle it off to my Hollywood agent or producer who would be immediately dazzled and option it for thousands of dollars. The film would be made, the finish line reached. The problem was I was already at the finish line in my head before I had even laid down one tangible word toward actually completing it.

I did have a working title, which I did happen to write down. It would have been called Terms and Conditions. It would have been the story of someone who actually reads through the entire terms and conditions on an application and discovers a life changing bit of information therein. But alas it will just die a sad little death of an idea unless I just sit down for 5 minutes and blog about it and give it life.

Wait a second.

A new story idea just came to me and I am going to pitch it to you now in case you are a Hollywood producer or agent. And if you are why are you reading a post on a site devoted to SQL Server and .Net? Maybe you want to make a movie about a DBA…a DBA who occasionally blogs about non-SQL topics?

The Pitch:

This is a movie about a DBA who in his spare time wants to be a screenwriter but who never completes or sells a screenplay and decides to just blog his ideas for movies with run on sentences knowing full well someone could steal the ideas from him and he would never get recognition but the movies would eventually get made, possibly, with luck. And that luck comes when one day he gets an email from a Hollywood producer who read his blog post on a technical site because that producer happened to be searching one day for information about “Doing Business As (DBA)” and stumbled onto the bloggers site and after reading the post wants to do a movie about a DBA who blogs a lot of ideas about movies and those movies are all combined into one movie about the blogger and his ideas. And he wants him to write the screenplay.