Finalists for DBA In Space

I’m not supposed to say this and I promised I’d be good, but. I AM SO JEALOUS!

Here they are, the fifteen finalists for the DBA In Space contest. These people have been selected from the thousands that took part in the first phase of the contest. Congratulations everyone!

David Kennaway
Michael Hirst
Joe Miller
Tim Ford
Mark Johnson
David Nicholls
Phillip Beazley
G P Van Eron
Victoria Holt
Simone Burcome
Jim Thurston
Richard Fuller
Gerald Drouin
John Kiernander

Just remember, I’d be happy to impersonate you and ride the rocket in your stead.

The next step is voting. That’s right, you the reader, get to pick and choose amongst these finalists for who you think is the best person to be a “DBA In Space.”