Don’t miss Devscovery 2010

If you happen to be attending September’s Devscovery event in Redmond, then I’ve got two pieces of great news for you:
– Red Gate will be attending (sort of – it’s a virtual session), and we’ll be giving a deliciously technical presentation on .NET Memory Management and Optimization. Our very own developer extraordinaire and mastermind behind some the greatest code we’ve ever produced, Clive Tong, will be hosting this lunchtime presentation, with an introduction by John Robbins, co-founder of Wintellect and organiser of Devscovery.

– We wanted to join in as much of the buzz of the event as possible, not limit ourselves to just 45 minutes of fun. So we’ll be organising some games and contests throughout Devscovery, and there’ll be prizes to be won! In fact, for the fun (or prize) seekers among you, there’ll be a special Grand Prize up for grabs to anyone who takes part in all the games.
“But what can I win?” I hear you ask… licenses for .NET Reflector Pro, ANTS Memory Profiler, copies of .NET books (The Complete Guide to .NET Performance Testing and Optimization by Paul Glavich and Chris Farrell, and CLR via C# by Jeffrey Richter), an IPod Touch, $50 Amazon vouchers, and plenty of swag… that’s what.

So, technical brain-candy & free goodies… and that’s just what Red Gate are bringing to the party – there’ll be more fantastic sessions and people at this event than you can shake a large and generously proportioned stick at! Perhaps you should sign up to attend? Use the registration code RGB and get $150 discount.