Do you work with ASP.NET and IIS?

Do you work with ASP.NET and IIS? Maybe you’re a dab hand at installing ISAPI extensions, or maybe you like to keep your production servers pristine and free of anything you didn’t hand-craft yourself. Maybe you’re using IIS 7’s modules to configure server functionality, or perhaps an earlier IIS version gives you all the control you need.

Either way, Red Gate is keen to hear from you: we’re carrying out a short developer/sysadmin survey, and we’d love a quick insight into your experiences deploying and managing ASP.NET applications on IIS. In exchange for your time, we’ll enter you into a draw to win a $50 Amazon voucher, and – if you’re interested – enrol you in our Early Access Program, for a sneak preview of some exciting new features for ASP.NET development and management coming up in our tools.

The survey’s intended to gather data on your experience of hosting applications, add-ins, and extensions with IIS. We’ve tested it, and found it takes less than five minutes to complete. Red Gate will use the results to improve its tools for everyone working with ASP.NET: your answers will help shape the products Red Gate build over the coming year. Your details won’t be shared with any other organization, or used to sell or market to you, and the prize draw will be made on September 5th. We’ll read all responses carefully, and offer you the chance to take part in future research and usability sessions – your input will help us make simple tools, to make life with IIS easier.

Click to take the survey here.