Debugging your interaction with other people’s code – Reflector Pro is in EAP!

If you’re read Bart or Clive‘s blog recently, you might be as excited as I am about the next version of Reflector that we’re working on.

.NET Reflector is great for working out what on earth is going on in the framework or third party code you work with every day. But when you’re right in the middle of debugging and your method call does something you don’t expect, you just want to step into the world below and work out why.

Well now you can! An Early Access Program of Reflector Pro is available from our forums.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, but we like fast release iterations, so you can expect it to improve rapidly.

Once you’ve decompiled an assembly, you can press “Step into” (F11) on any line that calls into your decompiled assembly, and you’ll be in the decompiled code, watching the variables change. Awesome!

Are you interested in helping test the usability of the new feature? We are looking for people with issues which Reflector debugging could help with. Email usability at if you’d like to help, and please don’t try out the tool beforehand, so we can see your first reactions.

Just have to come clean that the debugging feature won’t be available in the free edition of Reflector – but we will of course keep the free edition, and make improvements to it that we need for Reflector Pro (so everyone wins). We’ve been improving .NET 4 support, for example.