Betas of Performance Improvements in the ANTS Profilers

Just a quick one to mention that we’ve released new betas of ANTS Performance Profiler and ANTS Memory Profiler. The main improvements are around performance (particularly to the Call Tree in the performance profiler and the Instance Categorizer in the memory profiler).

We’re hoping to release them in the next few weeks, but in the meantime you can try a beta version using the download links below. If you have a chance to try them out, we’d really appreciate any feedback you have – email

ANTS Performance Profiler

ANTS Memory Profiler

You might notice that these both these releases (v9.5 and v8.10) skip a minor version number (currently released versions are v9.3 and v8.8). We’re planning to do separate releases of v9.4 and v8.9 in the next few days, which include a parallel stream of work relating to our licensing system, but won’t include the performance improvements of these betas. If you install these betas (eg v9.5) and want to then install v9.4, you’ll just need to uninstall the beta first.