ANTS Profiler TNG and Barcelona

Just a heads up that we’re about to start work on the next version or our profiler tool. I am wondering if people have tried our old product, especially those who have had problems with it can get in touch and let me know what sort of problems they were having.

I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into the meaty bits of the CLR and Microsofts new .NET Fx/2.5/3.0 stuff as well. A lot of the developers went to Tech Ed in Barcelona and some of the talks were quite interesting although many were pretty light on content. Although by far the best talk was the last talk I attended on cryptography. I enjoyed the subject at uni and have always kept a little eye on the subject ever since. Simon Singh’s book about the subject covers the major topics in a very interesting manner and I would heartily recommend it to anybody.

So back to the point of this random ramble through my psyche. If you’ve used a profiler tool and liked something so much you couldn’t live without it or used ours and had problems with it or just think it’s the best thing since sliced bread do get in touch.

Here’s looking at you.