A new way to blog – non linear

I have moved my political blog over to TiddlyWiki which describes itself as a “non-linear personal web notebook.”

One limitation of traditional blogs is that each entry is a stand alone mini-article. That can be fine, but for my own blog I’d like a bit more inter-article connection.

TiddlyWiki (silly name, but what can you do?) tie every article to one another with very soft interlinking, allowing the user to roam through your thoughts and ideas in a way that makes the blog (one hopes) more interesting and more connected.

As you click on active words the blog opens a new “tiddler” (a small blog entry) that may itself contain a variety of active words (shown in blue, and often shown as a couple words squished together in camelNotation, though that is not required).

From a technical point of view, it is very impressive: the entire blog is in a single html file, and is very small.  From a communications point of view it is very interesting; a new cross-breed; not quite blog, certainly not wiki. Of course content is king, but this is a significant contribution to content delivery.