The SQL Prompt Bundle has been retired

Redgate has now stopped selling the SQL Prompt Bundle.

If you have a license for the SQL Prompt Bundle, it will still work – we're not taking anything away.

Except for SQL Refactor, all the tools remain fully supported, and if you have Support & Upgrades you will still receive updates to them.

You can still renew your Support & Upgrades package, or buy additional licenses for the bundle.

Tools in the SQL Prompt Bundle


The SQL Prompt Bundle has been replaced by the SQL Toolbelt, the industry-standard tools for SQL Server development and deployment. Except for SQL Refactor, it includes all the tools from the SQL Prompt Bundle.

SQL Toolbelt

The industry-standard tools for SQL Server

The SQL Toolbelt includes Redgate’s tools for database version control, continuous integration, release management, and monitoring.

It also gives you 12 other industry-standard producs for database development and administration. Together, they make you more productive, make your team more agile, and keep your data safe.

See how to get started with the SQL Toolbelt, or arrange a free consultation.