The Coffee Mug and the Database - which gets filled quicker?

As QA Manager at Certica solutions my role is to set up quality control departments for start-up software companies. When working with start-up companies, budget, time and resources are all limited. This means that everything you do must be planned out rapidly giving the desired results with little or no hassle.

The current project

The company I am currently working with validates databases for school districts across the United States. The databases for these schools vary greatly in size from storing information for a few thousand students to millions of students at the federal level. My job is to ensure that our product can work with these types of databases.

SQL Data Generator is the ideal tool for me. As we sell to more and more districts, I have to create various types of databases rapidly, with varying sizes and schemas. SQL Data Generator allows me to do this work in a fraction of the time of other data generators I have used, and there is no difficult learning curve to achieve my end.

SQL Data Generator's user interface is very easy to use and allows the user visibility into all aspects of the database, explained Stephanie Beach. For me, that is important. I need to ensure that the data being generated is of the right type, keys are correctly linked and the data makes sense. If you have a 'name' field, random letters and numbers are not the proper data. SQL Data Generator allows me to easily choose the type of data for each field before populating.

There are many standard data models for fields to choose from. SQL Data Generator's pre-set population fields like Email, Nick Name and Name according to gender allow me to run realistic tests against these generated databases.

Meaningful test data in less time than it took to make coffee.

Since our customers have millions of rows of data, I was very pleased to see that SQL Data Generator's generator was fast. In less than the time it took me to get my coffee, I had a database with 2 million rows of data for each of 10 tables. The database was filled with proper names, cities, geographical locations, FK links and I was able to use the Regex Generator to finely tune specific columns' data.

SQL Data Generator creates exactly the databases I need to ensure that I properly validate our product for our customers. Another feature - simple but extremely important - is that I can save these data generation models as projects and use them again without having to setup. Other data generators had forced me to restart from scratch, and I simply do not have time for that.

I demand excellence in the tools I use. I am very pleased with the results we have achieved with SQL Data Generator. The range of data, maintaining foreign key links, ease of use and speed of data generation have made SQL Data Generator the sole generation program for Certica Solutions.

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