I'm Jeremiah Peschka. I like waffles. Thanks to Red Gate I have more time to eat waffles.

Jeremiah Peschka, www.brentozar.com

As a database professional working in the industry for the last 10 years I've come to rely heavily on Red Gate tools. For smaller companies I've used SQL Compare to guide me through the difficult process of managing database changes instigated by smaller, less disciplined teams.

SQL Compare always caught what the developer had forgotten to tell me about. I've now joined a larger more professionally mature development department that leans heavily on Red Gate tools to control multiple streams of development and the obvious integration headaches.

Red Gate's SQL Source Control gives us the ability to track and document changes while SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare have enabled us to bring SQL Server to the continuous integration party that the rest of the department depend on.

SQL Prompt and SQL Search have increased the productivity of our database developers and everyone is excited about SQL Test as it allows us to complete our agile TDD journey with the implementation of the technique at the database layer of our technology stack from within SQL Server Management Studio.

Philip Bates, Senior Database Developer, Laterooms.com

SSMS integration pack for Red Gate's SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare and SQL Source Control=win win!

Gregor Suttie, Senior Software Engineer, Pulsion Technology

Just purchased SQL Compare. With the productivity I'll get out of this tool, it's like buying time.

Robert Sondles, Blueberry Island Media Ltd

I work for Manitoba eHealth, a company that provides information and technology solutions for clinical healthcare facilities in Manitoba. I am the lead SQL Server DBA for a number of SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 installations.

I've been using Red Gate's SQL Compare for a few years now. I originally purchased it to compare development databases after loading a number of configuration changes. The aim is to ensure that the changes being made represent what the user requests.

The new filtering rules in SQL Compare 8 are very important to us, as I'm often interested in comparing a small number of stored procs or changes to a very limited subset of tables. Being able to filter down to the table or proc level means I can much more easily find the changes that interest me. I can keep the compare screen uncluttered and focused on what I need to see.

Some of our databases contain thousands of objects and with the filtering capabilities in SQL Compare 8 I no longer waste time trying to find the object I want to compare. We have run into occasions where we will run the comparison multiple times while making small changes. If I keep the compare screen open on the proc or table in question I can immediately see the effect of our script on this particular object.

Francis Hanlon, Manitoba eHealth

We use SQL Compare to compare objects (such as views, tables, triggers and stored procedures) in our Application Databases to ensure that they are exactly the same. We also use the tools when setting up new Application Databases in SL to copy all the custom / changed objects to the new database. This saves hours of work and we are absolutely certain that no object get overlooked. We also use this utility to compare our database to baseline (unaltered / unmodified) SL database to document all modifications. This is very useful when producing documentation and a set of scripts for the custom objects.

Overall, we have found the tools to be invaluable. They saved many days of tedious work in making sure that all of our SL Application Databases had exactly the same objects and there were no differences in the code.

John Hunter, MBS Certified Master

In my personal and professional opinion, SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are absolutely essential for any SQL database administrator, developer, or architect, regardless of their level of experience. In a world dominated by ERP solutions and 3rd party SQL-based applications, it's frequently difficult to figure out what's happening behind the scenes. Red Gate tools lift the veil of mystery, enabling IT professionals to determine exactly how data and structure has changed. When I upgrade our ERP this summer, I'm not willing to bet my career and reputation that data was converted correctly. But I'm also not eager to spend countless days and weeks verifying this manually. SQL Compare and Data Compare will transform days into minutes, weeks into hours. And I'll have confidence that my business data is both accurate, and in the right place. Add in the bonus of comparing and synchronizing Development, Test, and Live environments, and you've got a recipe for success for years to come.

Brian Pond, IT Manager, Border Construction

I raised an issue with Red Gate regarding functionality in their SQL Compare product. a couple of months later I received an email saying that the items identified had been rewritten. The new version was better than I expected, once again showing this product to be best-in-class. In short both the product and its authors, Red Gate, are exceptional in their field

Abbas Ali, SQL Server DBA

Just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how much myself and my developers at GovPartner appreciate your SQL Server Tools. At GovPartner we build web-based software for cities to manage their Building, Engineering, Planning, and Code Enforcement projects. We have clients all over the US and just recently went live with our software over in the middle east for the city of Abu Dhabi. Through our various versions for client and hosted application deployments we could not have done it without your tools, specifically the SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare products. We can create SQL deployment scripts extremely fast and have them ready for a release within minutes of the build being generated. We use Data Compare to sync any system configuration changes, and then we are pretty much ready to go. Your software is in a word 'awesome'. Keep up the great work!

Jon Howes, CTO, GovPartner

Red Gate's tools are generally considered to be the gold standard. SQL Compare is fast, extremely easy to use - Red Gate pays a huge amount of attention to its UIs - full-featured and affordable. I wouldn't bother messing around with anything else.

Adam Machanic, SQL Server MVP

We regularly deal with large sets of data in the hundreds of gigabytes. I have come to rely heavily on SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and SQL Backup as my three most commonly used software tools outside of the standard SQL Server Management Studio. Just this morning, I was realizing how few bugs there are in the Red-Gate products, how reliable they are in doing the job and as it relates to the SQL Compare products and just how fast they are. My productivity goes up every time I use one of your products to help me solve a problem. Other things that I like about the products are how easy it makes my job and how good I look when I can accomplish a task as quickly as I can with the Red Gate tools.

I find myself a natural cynic when it comes to software written by others. With Red Gate, I can't think of any challenges that the tools in their current form or a recently arrived upgrade hasn't resolved. Thank you for producing a product that works, is reasonably priced, and a support team that shows their care of the customer in both their words, actions, and fast response.

Mike Gladden, Enterprise Data Architect, iLumen

Your software is really top notch. It oozes the understanding of what people operating on databases really need to get their jobs done. Keep up the good work!

Albert Ulmer, CTO, com.on AG

About 18 months ago, I was installing a second instance of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services on a 64-bit server. There was already a Native Mode instance, but the new instance was going to be in Sharepoint Integrated mode. I didn't have any other resources and needed to consolidate services on the existing server.

Though I had already rehearsed the installation on a test server several times, during the production installation, the procedure got hosed in the middle somehow. It reached about 90% the way through the installation, but never completed, even on multiple attempts. Since this was a production machine, already hosting reports in Native Mode, so I did not have the ability to start from scratch with a new build.

Instead, I used the Red Gate SQL Compare product to study the differences between my test installations and the new (''hosed'') production installation. I was able to find several objects (tables and views) that were missing. Using the SQL Compare product, I was able to create the missing objects right from the software and apply them to the production server. Apparently, this is all that was needed. After a reboot, everything started to come to life and working as desired.

The server has been running healthy ever since. SQL Compare saved the day for me and the company.

Rob Fisch, Director of Global Technology, Kaz, Inc.

I used SQL Compare with a previous employer and loved it so much I brought the experience here. This time, we bought the whole package. Love it!

Jim Franklin, Lead Solutions Developer, J2 Aircraft Dynamics

We recently purchased the SQL Comparison Bundle and got to try out the other tools, such as SQL Refactor, at the same time. I have to say firstly that I am very impressed with the quality and rich, practical functionality built into your software!  The software is well-written, intuitive, with close attention to detail, and is full of the kind of functions one needs the most. I can see that a lot of DBA feedback has gone into the process - take SQL Refactor's SmartRename for instance - only a DBA who works a lot with stored procs would think of that - and you have it! Well done!

Secondly, the SQL Comparison Bundle we bought has shaved days off our database sync and upgrade tasks, and helped to increase the accuracy of the updates to 99%, making our lives much easier and our turn-around times much shorter.

I think that the Red Gate suites are terrific value for money! Many thanks to all at Red Gate

Sean van der Walt, Database Administrator, HCMT

Red Gate's SQL Tools were invaluable during our last database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to a SQL Server 2005 cluster. SQL Compare allowed us to quickly evaluate changes in the database immediately after moving them to SQL 2005. The Synchronize feature very easily allowed us to reconcile differences between the two databases. It was simple and straightforward to make the exact changes we wanted.

Now that we have moved our infrastructure to SQL 2005, SQL Compare helps us rapidly synchronize our development, test and production environments.

Mike Poole, Database Administrator, Human Kinetics

I bless the day we bought SQL Compare - it saves me time so often. Must have paid for itself a hundred times over. There's almost nothing I would change about it.

Bill Geake Martin Currie Investment Management

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that SQL Compare has saved the day again. This time, it REALLY saved the day. After spending hours looking at code, SQL and reading more about SQL Server query hints and performance tuning than I ever wish to do again, I simply ran SQL Compare against a working database and the poorly performing one. In seconds the problem was obvious and the solution easy. Time to go home and have a beer. SQL Server 0 : Red Gate 1. Nice!

Rod Weir, Chief Software Developer, / PRD Software

Love your products, service, and support. I am only a two-man shop, but feel like I get a good deal for my hard-earned money when I deal with you guys. If I were across the pond, I'd buy you a pint of Guinness. Cheers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)

Calvin Fabre, High Power Consulting, Inc.

One of the key draws for Red Gate tools has always been the price point and the rapid return on investment. The SQL Bundle has been a standard for my toolbox since 2000, across 4 jobs.

Peter Daniels, Database Administrator, InComm

The thing I love most about SQL Compare is that it reduces a mind-numbingly tedious, severely time-consuming task, down to a handful of button-clicks, and a casual glance. The mistaken assumption that Dev Studio 7.1 database create and change scripts produce exact schema duplicates just cost a team of programmers untold hours trying to debug the ubiquitous it works on the dev server but not in production problem, at the application level. I solved it inside of 20 minutes, with SQL Compare - missing timestamp column on one table, and an exception being ignored because it was in place where nothing could go wrong. (The latter easily pinpointed once the nature of the mismatch was known.)

There are times that I love this business, this would be one of them -- but truth be told, this moment I have you to thank for. Because without SQL Compare, and given 700 rows in sysobjects plus 13,000 rows in syscolumns in the production db, it would've taken me hours upon hours to find... Now what to do with the rest of my day? :-)

Mark McGinty, Database Analyst/Consultant

In some projects we have five simultaneous database environments to keep in synch. I downloaded the SQL tools from Red Gate and the next 14 days were the best SQL days in my life.

Guðbjartur Haraldsson, Kaupthing Bank

I have just purchased SQL Compare and within a few minutes it has saved me a couple of days of tedious, error-prone work. This product is exactly what I need - it is absolutely excellent and I congratulate you on the production of such a useful item.

Gordon Wallace, Wallace Computer Systems (COMTASS Solutions)

SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are the best purchases we've made in the .NET/SQL environment. They've saved us hours of development time and the fast, easy-to-use database comparison gives us maximum confidence that our migration scripts are correct. We rely on these products for every deployment.

Paul Tebbutt, Technical Lead, Universal Music Group

All the Red Gate products I used are a delight - SQL Bundle and ANTS Profiler. Simple to use, powerful, fast - awesome. I told some of our DBAs that they MUST use your products. If you are a DBA and reading this testimonial, and if you don't use Red Gate's software, trust me! You should. I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt compelled to do so in this case. I cannot stress strongly enough how wonderful this company's tools are. THANK YOU!

Doron Grinstein, Technical Director, Information Technology, Walt Disney Studios

SQL Compare has saved us an awful lot of time and code and allowed us to get our version control organised across our 40 data warehouses...Like I said, great product, great value.

Mike Hickin, Touch Clarity Limited

I was able to compare the two databases together. The comparison was a success. I didn't find any major flaws within the structures of the two databases. Thank you and your company for the time you spent to help me.

Michael Ashley, Application Manager, Amy Lynn, Inc.

We use the SQL Compare tool constantly for moving stuff from dev to live. Frankly, we couldn't cope without it now.

Penny Spokes, Digital Interactive Television (YooMedia)

Your product is simply the best at what it does. At my company, we have bought a few copies of SQL Compare and everyone is very happy with it. You have kept the tool lean and free from unnecessary fluff. It is very very efficient and so damn intuitive. The interface is spartan with just the right options - the kind every techie wants. Man! Your product rocks.

Aja Rangaswamy, Senior Solutions Engineer, XM

We are very impressed with your software. I heard about SQL Compare from a good friend and colleague of mine and tried it out - we were in the middle of a problem involving the migration of database changes from our development environment to our production environment and had been beating our brains to death for a few hours trying to figure it out.

After we installed SQL Compare, within a minute, we knew what the problem was and were able to apply the differences to the production environment and we had fixed our problem. All thanks to SQL Compare! We also found that SQL Compare makes a great audit tool when using the snapshots feature.

Garrett Meiers, Consultant, ConsulNIX

We have been working on a (Ceridian) upgrade and new installation of some features and have been having some connection issues. After trying to figure out why end-users were getting connection errors in production but not in development it occurred to me it might be an user/role issue. This application has a lot of custom roles, so looking through them in EM was not an attractive solution.

Then I remembered I had SQL Compare on a development box and figured I would give it a try. It worked like a charm! I was able to compare scripts and almost immediately see what roles were different in the two databases. This allowed us to go back to the vendor with solid data, and within 24 hours they had determined that one of their administrative processes, that is run infrequently, was resetting the particular role's permissions.

Patrick Klages, Information Systems, Department of Administration, Waukesha County

Tracking and releasing SQL code as it's being developed on one server, tested on a second, and is in live use on a third, was always a daunting task, especially when sometimes emergency fixes were made on the live server, but not backmerged down to the other servers. With SQL Compare, we finally found a tool that simplifies our releases 1000%. And with the new version, releases that used to take 20-30 minutes now take about 5. Hats off to Red Gate. You guys are (as they say down in customer service) 'Da Bomb!'

David W. Clary, DBA, Ceiva Logic

We have a product that we are regularly producing updates for. Sysdepends is really messed up (throughout the development cycle there have been renames of tables etc., etc.). Before, sysdepends corruption meant that we had to massively re-order a script to make it run - it took about an hour to make a script work. I took a really old version of the database and compared it against the new one (i.e. - would have been a disaster under the older versions), and the [SQL Compare 3.15] script worked straight off.

So, for me at least, the sysdepends stuff makes a huge difference. I mean mega. In fact, words cannot describe how much of a difference this will make to our daily lives. It was so bad, we were planning to evaluate whether any of the other SQL Compare-type products would have done the job for us...but thank goodness, now we don't have to. Sign me up for the Red Gate fan club...

James Berry, Senior Developer, Adastra Software

I am installed and comparing already. We have a major build today and this means I get to go home at normal hours instead of very late. We have a database that takes over 2 hours to compare in 2.03. So to script and build and confirm would take about 8 hours to complete. But with 3.1, I am almost done with the first step.

Scott Tucholka, Senior Programmer Analyst, AQS

Having tried a previous version at a previous company, and loving it, I didn't hesitate to download and demo the new version at my new company. I was astounded by how much faster the new version was (and the old version wasn't a turtle to begin with). You took an already great product and made it a slam dunk. So, I could do the job by hand in hours, or use SQL Compare in seconds.

Tim Kummer, Consultant

I love your new version. It's sooooo fast. You must have either removed loads of redundant code or had a major breakthrough :-) It helps us so much in our development work deploying new versions of our .NET based web applications. It's amazing how fast it now registers huge databases, even over remote and slow links. Our application has around 100 big tables, loads of views and stored procedures. Every time we are updating schemas for version changes, on all our deployed applications, your tool is a big help. Thanks for a brilliant tool.

Chris Eckl, CTO, Sitekit Solutions Ltd

My database structure is complex and although previous versions of SQL Compare were vital to my success, it would take six to eight hours to complete database comparisons. The same database comparison now takes less than 10 minutes. I just love this new version of SQL Compare 3.

It is the only third-party tool that I use on a regular basis. I have investigated other tools that do database synchronization, but none of them have the robust set of features and functionality of SQL Compare 3. I consistently recommend this tool to other DBAs as I could not accomplish the amount of work that I do without SQL Compare. I have been a customer since 1.0 and am amazed (and pleased) at the logical and wonderful progression of this product.

Jon Moorman, Senior Database Architect, London Bridge Group (Fair Isaac Corporation)

WOW!! Super Job!! This upgrade to an already outstanding product has sensible, intelligent changes and outstanding performance! I love this tool!

Marc A. Funaro, Advantex LLC

It's awesome. It clearly shows database differences in a way that is easy to understand. You can apply synchronization automatically, eliminating the need for any manual cutting and pasting. The speed and interface improvements have made SQL Compare the central tool for our change control process.

Marius Roets, Manager of Integration Solutions, Woolworths, South Africa

The user interface is slick. It actually surpasses Red Gate's usual high standard. In general, it feels like I have gone from version 2 to version 100.

Adam Cogan, President Access/ASP/SQL Server User Group, Sydney, and Microsoft Regional Director, Chief Architect, Superior Software for Windows

I'm impressed. Let me repeat that with emphasis - I'M IMPRESSED! The user interface is much better. Performance is awesome. I'm bugging everyone here that has it to check out the new version and I'm in the process of finding out if we can get everyone here upgraded. Between the performance bumps and the ability to develop synchronize scripts, this will become a tool for all of our developers.

John Palmer, IT Consultant, Penn National Insurance

Thank you!
It's Be-eautiful!
And Faaaaaast!
Great work.

Jacques Mignault, Senior Developer, 20-20 Technologies

We have evaluated the software and my company has now purchased it. I have nothing negative to say about it. I was not immediately convinced when you emailed me to say the new version was 50 to 100 times faster than the previous one. However, I have to say that when we tried the new version, it was much much faster and it really lived up to your claim. ... All in all, a great bit of software!

A real customer, who would like to remain anonymous

SQL Compare is a truly valuable tool for any developer that values their time. Having evaluated a couple of similar but more expensive products, I can honestly say it is streets ahead of the competition. Having been involved in developing a similar product for Access, I can see the product from a developer's standpoint as well - it is exactly the way I would have developed the tool if it hadn't existed.

I have had the opportunity to show SQL Compare to other developers at User Groups and conferences and I can only say that I get nothing but thanks for enlightening users about the necessity for this product. Well done.

Adam Cogan, President Access/ASP/SQL Server User Group, Sydney, and Microsoft Regional Director, Chief Architect, Superior Software for Windows

SQL Compare has significantly improved our database testing capabilities. This tool has given us immediate diagnosis of missing database items and provides an excellent utility for testing future versions of our database structures. SQL Compare has helped improve the quality of our software releases.

Craig Good, Solomon Test Engineer, Microsoft Business Solutions

My job used to consist almost entirely of comparing SQL databases, by hand. Now that I've started using SQL Compare I've bought a pair of glasses, painted on eyes, and now spend much of my day snoozing.

A real customer, who would like to remain anonymous

Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I have a bundle with SQL Compare 5 and its partner Data Compare. I have used SQL Compare a couple of times lately when moving our new development stuff to live server to save time. Works beautifully.

Then yesterday we had to move our production server to another and bigger server. By using SQL Compare and Data Compare, we managed to move our 5 GB database to our new server with approximately 30 seconds of downtime... We just used SQL Compare to synch up the schemas, and then used SQL Data Compare when the old system was live. Then we took the system offline, ran another synch with only the changed data, and put the new system on line. Extremely easy.

Morten Petter√łe, CEO, Towah Entertainment Ltd

It's very straightforward and easy to use yet also very powerful... Overall, I've been very happy with SQL Compare. It's a great little tool that is easy to use but can generate complicated scripts to synchronize databases.

Bill Graziano, SQL Team

To appreciate the value of this product you need to know...it will pay for itself in only 2 to 4 hours of billable contractor time... What are the benefits of SQL Compare? ... Speed! ... Ease of use! ... Customization! ... Yes, it is a great tool, but is it right for you? ... If your development team codes furiously in a RAD environment, then, as far as I'm concerned, you can't live without it.

Danny Lesandrini, Database Journal

I was surprised at how easy SQL Compare is to use... Its functionality is self-explanatory. It does its comparisons quickly. I recommend SQL Compare for anyone who needs to make object comparisons and/or synchronizations.

Robert Marda, SQL Server Central

SQL Compare 3.0 is easy to use, provides a big boost to your productivity, and it is very reasonably priced. And with the new interface and speed improvements, SQL Compare 3.0 is an even a bigger bargain than it was before ... If you are like me, you will find that this tool can save you many hours of frustration.

Brad McGehee, SQL Server Performance.com
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