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The mission

Accelerate and increase the quality of your deployments by versioning and safely automating database changes

What's new


Ability to filter and ignore objects as part of a migrations-based release process

A simpler cmdline for setting up build, test, and release as part of CI/CD processes for hybrid and migrations-based approaches

A hybrid model to use state for development and migrations for deployments

An updated, more readable code analysis report

An updated more readable change report to easily understand how each object will be changed during a release


Automate your build and release process on Linux

Support for migrations-based deployments to have more control over releases

Static PL/SQL code analysis to ensure best practices are being followed

For more details, see our detailed release notes on our documentation site.

What's next

In development

Generating migrations without requiring a shadow database

Reporting and dashboards for database deployments and DevOps metrics


A simpler setup and improved experience for CI/CD for the state-based approach

Tracking static data changes automatically in a migrations-based approach

Git integration for the migrations approach allowing commit, push and pull operations

Understanding how tables change in a migrations approach, which can help identify conflicts sooner

Ignore schema objects in a migrations approach to focus on the specific objects for your project and improve performance

Future Candidates

Extensions for Jenkins and other CI/CD systems

Improved support for Git branches

Providing more flexibility to organize migrations by subfolders

Auto-generate undo scripts

Support for additional databases (like Postgres, MySQL, or more)

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Full Compliant Database DevOps roadmap

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