A free storage tool
for Microsoft Azure

  • Manage all your Microsoft Azure blobs in one place
  • Reliably upload and download blobs with a responsive UI
  • Transfer blobs between your storage accounts
  • Easily search and filter your blobs

From 31st March 2019, Azure Explorer will no longer be available.

“The Azure Explorer is an indispensable piece of my cloud toolset. It is the first and only tool built to handle the scale demands of production sized cloud datasets.

Any serious Azure developer should have this installed right alongside Visual Studio and Azure Management Studio.”

Eli Schleifer, Founder at Directr


Moving blobs in Azure Explorer

Manage Azure blobs like local files

  • Familiar and easy to use graphical user interface
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality
  • Transfers are fast and robust
  • Support for copy and paste

Viewing properties of a blob in Azure Explorer

Support for common blob operations

  • Create and delete blob containers
  • Rename, move and delete blobs
  • Quickly view and edit blob metadata
  • Create and delete blob snapshots

Searching for blobs with regex

Built for users with thousands of blob containers

  • Search across storage accounts using wildcards
  • Filter blobs using regular expressions
  • Bookmark locations for quick access
  • Quickly access specific containers by name

Working with blobs in Azure Explorer

Designed for Microsoft Azure

  • Tested with millions of blobs
  • One-click to break a blob lease
  • Transfers are multithreaded
  • Set properties on several blobs simultaneously