Redgate releases new SQL Monitor 2.0

SEATTLE, Wash., November 8, 2010 – A two-year project involving a team of 15 people, a Future of Monitoring blog, input from thousands of IT professionals, and hundreds of hours brainstorming about how the world is changing has led to Redgate's newly released SQL Monitor.

Real life beyond the desktop

"The modern reality is that DBAs and others responsible for server health and performance are expected to be on call 24/7," says Ben Rees, Redgate's SQL Monitor product manager. "But, they can't be chained to a desktop. Home life matters more than anything. SQL Monitor gives you the freedom to use mobile devices to find out what you need to know about your servers and fix problems – wherever you are."

"SQL Monitor feels like a familiar piece of software within minutes of installing and configuring it," says Jonathan Allen, a SQL Server DBA and beta tester. "You can log in and see how your servers are performing from almost anywhere you can get an internet connection. The right fix can be made faster and remotely, saving travel, expenses and time."

Monitor SQL Server Central's server

SQL Monitor is available now. Visit to use SQL Monitor on SQL Server Central's servers. No installation is needed, so you can monitor the servers to see the load placed on the website from its more than 1 million subscribers. A 14-day free trial of SQL Monitor is also available for download.

See it in action at PASS Summit 2010

SQL Monitor is being demonstrated on desktop machines, a Multi-Touch HD monitor, the iPad, a Blackberry, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab and other mobile devices at the Redgate booth (#408) during PASS Summit 2010 in Seattle.


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