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VMware monitoring in SQL Monitor

Over the years, running SQL Server inside a virtual machine has changed from being a bit of a strange and risky idea to being commonplace and offering a range of benefits: more effective distribution of load, more flexible provisioning and allowing additional tiers of redundancy to be put in place. Though these factors are... read more

SQL Monitor v7 reporting feature – how helping us helps you

Reporting is something we’ve wanted to improve in SQL Monitor for a long time, and with the launch of v7 we’ve now achieved it. Almost since its inception, users have asked for reporting but it turns out that a ‘report’ is a lot like a ‘dashboard’ – many people say they want one, but... read more

SQL Monitor review of 2016

December’s a great time to take stock, so I thought it would be worth sharing a roundup of the progress the SQL Monitor development team have made this year. I’m also really excited about what’s coming soon, so will share some insight into our plans for 2017. A busy 2016 Global Overview The new Global Overview... read more

Using SQL Monitor with SCOM

In my last blog post, I talked about how to get SQL Monitor to send alerts to Slack and how to send SNMP Traps. It’s easy to make SQL Monitor send SNMP traps, but SCOM is more challenging than most management tools to configure to receive these traps. This walkthrough shows how to configure... read more

Integrating SQL Monitor alerts with other systems

One of SQL Monitor’s most valuable capabilities is raising alerts when bad things happen in SQL Server. The alerts are listed within SQL Monitor but can also be sent out as emails. However, many of our customers have said they’d like to see those alerts in their other systems too. The latest version of... read more

How to accelerate your SQL Server performance using SQL Monitor

I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time as a racing driver, racing BMWs for three years before joining the BRSCC Porsche Championship. Steve McQueen famously said ‘Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting’. When I’m waiting, I’m a SQL Server DBA consultant and throughout my racing and DBA career, I’ve... read more

(Simpler), better, faster, stronger – and all in one place

The lyrics from the electro duo Daft Punk (almost) succinctly sums up what SQL Monitor V6 is all about. We’ve looked at what you like and enhanced it.  We’ve looked at what you don’t like and changed it. It’s now simpler and faster to diagnose SQL Server problems; the whole tool is just better.... read more

Get a sneak peek of the new SQL Monitor

If you download the latest release of SQL Monitor, you’ll notice something a little different when you go to Server Overviews. We’re giving users the opportunity to try out the new Server Overview page that will be available in version 6.0, released later this year. The current page is still there but you can... read more