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At Redgate, we develop software applications, tools, devices, LEGO, and more. Here, you’ll find posts on what we’re developing, how we go about developing it, and what we value and encourage in our software developers. You might even see a post about building LEGO soon.

SQL Monitor v5.1 – is it a big deal?

The simple answer is yes, yes, and, um … yes! While on the surface it may look like nothing much has changed in v5.1 of SQL Monitor, in reality we’ve completely overhauled the core engine to make it more scalable, stable, and smarter. The latest version is the culmination of all the minor releases... read more

A simpler, faster way of moving between products in the SQL Toolbelt

Earlier this year, Simon Cromarty wrote about something called Honeycomb, a coordinated effort at Redgate to apply a common design to everything we do. You may well have noticed the subsequent changes to our website, the evolution of our product logos, or seen the results in images used at our events. Last week we extended... read more

ANTS Performance Profiler 9.5 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.10 released

We’ve just released ANTS Performance Profiler 9.5 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.10! You can download the new versions of our .NET profiling tools by following the links, or read more about their enhanced features right now. Performance was a big focus during these releases. In particular, we’ve improved performance when drawing the call tree... read more

Some licensing improvements

The latest release of the .NET Profiling tools includes a few bug fixes and an update to our licensing system. We almost hope nobody will notice. Licensing our products has the same workflow it always has: free trial, enter a serial key to activate. Not much to see here except a visual facelift. Under... read more

Not all feedback is good feedback

There is no doubt about it: feedback is essential fuel for designers. When we become blinkered towards the work we’re doing, it can help us get another perspective. When we’ve run out of ideas, it can help us explore new directions. Given the potential benefits, it’s well worth spending a bit of time designing... read more

Smaller software releases are big news too

This has been a good year for Redgate customers. Major software releases of SQL Prompt, SQL Compare, SQL Monitor, and SQL Source Control have introduced new features, added support for the latest versions of SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio, and made them even easier and more intuitive to use. SQL Monitor v5,... read more

My top ten tips for managing a Salesforce implementation

Three years ago I joined Redgate as a project manager. For six months I worked in one of the product divisions, but was then poached to join the CORE Services team (consisting of internal services such as DevOps, IS, BI and Web). For the first year in CORE I cut my teeth on some relatively... read more