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At Redgate, we develop software applications, tools, devices, LEGO, and more. Here, you’ll find posts on what we’re developing, how we go about developing it, and what we value and encourage in our software developers. You might even see a post about building LEGO soon.

Is your SQL code covered?

No, it almost certainly isn’t. Besides, how would you know either way? Let me explain. Most modern software development today includes some form of automated testing. While comprehensive unit testing is still sorely lacking in many organizations, it’s often mitigated by other forms of automated testing conducted later on in the development cycle. Code... read more

Introducing user account licensing

We’ve been talking about licensing system changes for a while, and over the next few weeks they start rolling out in the first batch of products. This means that when you update to the next versions of our products, you’ll be asked to log in with a Redgate ID: Logging in gives you access to... read more

Teamwork is the key to developing SQL Source Control as well as using it

The long-awaited release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2016 is approaching, bringing with it a more modern look and feel, more features, and more advantages for users. At Redgate, we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to make sure the latest version of SQL Source Control supports SSMS 2016 from launch day. SQL Source Control... read more

Managing environments in DLM Dashboard

DLM Dashboard is a free tool that lets you track schema changes as they progress through the different stages of your database lifecycle. With DLM Dashboard you can start to get a much better picture of your workflow and see where you might need to take remedial action. DLM Dashboard categorizes your databases by environment... read more

Why you have to do your own competitor comparison

People evaluating our software often ask us to send them an analysis document showing how we stack up against our competitors. It’s a very reasonable request, but because it’s one I always turn down I thought it would be worth sharing why I don’t think they’re meaningful. They’re selective During elections, politicians spend a... read more

Updates to our licensing system

We shipped some updates to our licensing system in the .NET profilers back in January, and we’re gradually rolling those changes out into our other products at the moment. There wasn’t much to see: UX polish, and a move from per-product to a centralized licensing service. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be gradually... read more

We now offer free community editions of our MySQL tools

In the open source world, there’s an increasing trend to offer personal or community editions of paid-for tools. There’s a damn good reason too. Many charities and educational institutions as well as individual users turn to open source software in an effort to lower costs. The flipside is, while there’s no upfront cost, there... read more

SQL Monitor v5.1 – is it a big deal?

The simple answer is yes, yes, and, um … yes! While on the surface it may look like nothing much has changed in v5.1 of SQL Monitor, in reality we’ve completely overhauled the core engine to make it more scalable, stable, and smarter. The latest version is the culmination of all the minor releases... read more