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At Redgate, we develop software applications, tools, devices, LEGO, and more. Here, you’ll find posts on what we’re developing, how we go about developing it, and what we value and encourage in our software developers. You might even see a post about building LEGO soon.

A smashing site: Smashing Magazine

I should probably start with a disclaimer here: we are completely unconnected to Smashing Magazine in any way and have no vested interest in the site other than really enjoying reading the articles and tutorials they produce. We recently came across Smashing Magazine which deals with a large number of topics and content like... read more

Domain knowledge and the limits of usability

I recently finished working on quite a technical product – a memory profiler to be exact. Memory profiling is generally considered an area of great difficulty where only the brave survive. After a large amount of user research about the problems they typically encounter and key points of difficulty, we realised that it was... read more

UX Snippets #1: Chrome’s “Loading” icon

I’ve been using Chrome for a while and despite its many bugs (on the Mac) it’s still managed to become my browser of choice. Reason? It’s a great user experience all round: impressively fast and well-designed from the big picture down to the nitty gritties. read more

Maybe the best reaction to a new feature… ever!

When we talk about creating a great User Experience it can often be difficult to capture exactly how a user feels about a feature. It’s certainly difficult to judge once the product has been released unless rave reviews appear in blog posts or other articles. One particular benefit of conducting usability sessions with an... read more

Hiring UX graduates – a very tough challenge

I had a discussion just the other day with a colleague wondering why, at least from my point of view, filling our graduate user experience role was so tough. After watching another batch of very talented computer science graduates join and begin writing code like they had been here for years I felt sadly... read more

Tools of the trade: Hawkeye

In this series of posts I’ll be describing some of the tools we use to make our lives as UX designers a little easier. Hawkeye If you regularly design or work with .NET tools then Hawkeye should definitely be part of your armoury – especially considering it’s free! Describing itself as “The .NET Runtime... read more

Sympathy from the devil-oper

When projects get tough it’s always nice to know that a team mate has your back and will offer any support they can. As the old saying goes; “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team'”. No matter what your background, whether it be as a developer, UX, tester or tech comms, the comfort of having those... read more

Validating user input on a web form: A nicer experience

How you choose to validate user input can have a large impact on the way people feel about your software and determine if they even choose to continue through a given process. Preventing errors with seamless validation, rather than with the equivalent of a firm slap across the chops, can lead to a totally... read more