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DRW Trading saves time with Schema Compare for Oracle

James Murtagh (@AllThingsOracle) speaks to Michelle Malcher, DBA Team Lead at DRW Trading Group, about how Schema Compare for Oracle has ensured more reliable releases for DRW and saves her team time.

JM: What does DRW Trading Group do?

MM: DRW Trading Group is a principal trading organization that seeks to identify and capture opportunities in the global markets by leveraging and integrating technology, risk management and quantitative research.

JM: What is your current job role at DRW?

MM: DBA Team Lead

JM: What is your technical background and experience?

MM: 15 years in database technologies, development and last 13 years as Database Administrator, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase I have been involved in large database environments by size and number of databases, and have worked with supporting vendor applications and in-house development applications.

JM: Please describe your development environment.

MM: Oracle databases 11.2 running on Linux, we also have other database platforms that we are using for database development as well.

JM: What made you first look at Schema Compare for Oracle?

MM: I have used Schema Compare for SQL Server and wanted to see if we are able to use this the same way for Oracle environments.

JM: How long did it take to install Schema Compare for Oracle and how difficult was it?

MM: Very easy to install and took less than 10 minutes.

JM: How has Schema Compare for Oracle changed your development processes?

MM: It verifies that changes have been completed successfully. It also helps to validate what needs to change when rolling out code to production. Having scripts for the changes to put into source control is very valuable as well as having a backout script. This has also been useful for checking changes on vendor application upgrades to understand some of the tables that might been changing to better support upgrades.

JM: What does this mean for you?

MM: More reliable releases, able to ensure that development is occurring on a schema that matches production.

JM: Are there any features/characteristics of the tools that you especially like?

MM: Very simple to use, and options to exclude storage and system names, and especially nice is that this could go against snapshots to reduce the overhead in production environments.

JM: How would you feel if someone took the tool away from you now?

MM: I would lose some time, because I would have to go back to more of manual checks.

JM: What new tools would you like to see in the Deployment Suite for Oracle?

MM: Automatically saving the source code into Subversion or GIT.

JM: What do you do for fun, when you are not programming?

MM: My family and I do martial arts together: good exercise and stress relief!

Red Gate's Schema Compare is by far the best schema comparison tool on the market. It now takes just 45 seconds for me to compare 6,000 objects in different instances of my database. This used to take 45 minutes in Oracle SQL Developer!

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