Case Study: Techwan SA - Deployment Suite for Oracle

James Murtagh (@AllThingsOracle) speaks to Louis-Philippe Normandin, DBA and DB Architect at Techwan SA, about how easy it was to install and use the Deployment Suite for Oracle and how the tools are bringing benefits to Techwan SA and their customers.

JM: What does Techwan SA do?

LPN: Techwan SA develops complex applications to bridge computer technology and the most diverse means of communication such as telephony, radio, SMS messaging, alarm networks, paging and programmable devices.

JM: What is your current job role at Techwan SA?

LPN: DBA and Database Architect.

JM: What is your technical background and experience?

LPN: Software Engineer with more than 25 years doing development, database management and architecture.

JM: Please describe your development environment.

LPN: Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010. SQL Server and Oracle databases. PostgreSQL to come. C#, Silverlight, WPF, WCF.

JM: What made you first look at the Deployment Suite for Oracle?

LPN: We were already familiar with the SQL Server tools and needed something similar for Oracle.

JM: How long did it take to install the tools and how difficult was it?

LPN: Installation is a breeze and learning to use the product is easy. No tutorial was used; just the online help was consulted for some specific options.

JM: How has the Deployment Suite for Oracle changed your development processes?

LPN: It helps us synchronize the developer modifications on the developer database with the reference database and then to propagate the modifications to our clients.

JM: What does this mean for your customers?

LPN: It doesn't change much for the clients but it definitely saves us a lot of time. And manual comparison is prone to errors so the Deployment Suite for Oracle makes our product more stable.

JM: Are there any features/characteristics of the tools that you especially like?

LPN: There are many useful options that help manage the synchronisation according to our needs. Some other tools we tried before sometimes had a hard time comparing objects because it was not possible to ignore certain features in the schema.

JM: How would you feel if someone took the tool away from you now?

LPN: I would have to find an equivalent product as doing this by hand is tedious.

JM: What new tools would you like to see in the Deployment Suite for Oracle?

LPN: Just look at all the SQL Server tools Red-Gate has ;)

JM: What do you do for fun, when you are not programming?

LPN: Mountain hikes, bicycle riding, skiing.