Eight Steps to Effective SQL Server Monitoring

Where do you start when you're given a list of unfamiliar servers to look after? Tony Davis gives you the eight essential steps to start monitoring your servers effectively.

The free 27-page article is packed with helpful advice to diagnose your server problems.

Then pick up a free trial of SQL Monitor, our web-based monitoring and alerting tool, and get insights into your servers' performance right out of the box.

1. Free article: Eight Steps to Effective SQL Server Monitoring

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  • Monitor CPU, I/O, and memory use
  • Know when you're running out of disk space
  • Automate database documentation

2. Free trial of SQL Monitor for real-time monitoring and alerting

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  • Real-time performance data and alerts
  • Built with advice from SQL Server experts and MVPs
  • Discover problems before anyone else notices

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