I just wanted to thank you for providing SQL Log Rescue for SQL-Server-2000 for free! It just saved my bacon! We had a SQL injection attack on our website yesterday that I was able to track down using SQL Log Rescue (to give me the exact time it started and the database tables involved).

Owen Mortensen, Sr. Web Developer

SQL Backup and SQL Log Rescue are two tools that should be a part of every DBA's toolbox. With SQL Backup, a DBA can quickly have secure backups all while saving space on disk with the tool's compression features. SQL Log Rescue will allow the DBA to view the transactions taking place in their environment either real time or historically, and will quickly allow them to undo any rogue transactions.

Both tools are quick to install, easy to learn and use, and allow you to customize things to your liking. Support for both products is superb, with questions for help being answered in minutes rather than days! You will definitely see an ROI in days or weeks instead of months or years when compared to some of their competitors' products!

Jason Delaune, Tulane University, New Orleans

The purpose of selecting a transaction log reader was to produce an audit trail of a SQL production database. For this purpose I selected four software packages, one of them SQL Log Rescue. After installation I made some changes in my database to check if they could be identified by the mentioned programs.

This is where the differences between products appeared. The other packages did not directly show all the changes (probably due to my inexperience with the software or the complexity of the interface). SQL Log Rescue directly showed all the changes, and they were presented in a simple and clear overview. SQL Log Rescue did exactly what it was supposed to do, what I expected it would do, and what I was looking for. So, for me, it is clear that this software is what I needed.

Alex Otten, Software Architect, Organon N.V.

[SQL] Log Rescue fills a gap in SQL administration. I was able to completely rebuild one of our databases and recover exactly what I wanted from another log.

Art Remnet, Senior Consultant/DBA, Sichun Consulting, Inc

The highlights of your products (including Log Rescue) are their relatively low cost, their simple UIs, and the fact that they just work. In my years of experience with SQL Compare, I don't think I've ever run into a bug. The fact that you guys have so few releases is a huge plus for me. Many of your competitors end up with feature bloat. Your offerings just excel at whatever their purpose is. I look forward to relying on Log Rescue in much the same manner I do with SQL Compare.

Seth Rothman

I've got to say I'm VERY impressed with Log Rescue; excellent functionality, incredible ease of use...

Michael Campbell, AngryPets

We had a database that had been dropped off of our backups by accident and then a programmer accidentally ran a query that destroyed a table. We were very frustrated at that point, but Red Gate Software SQL Log Rescue allowed us to quickly rebuild the table with very little down time and saved hours and hours of manual rebuild. Thank you for the useful tool.

Shane Peterson, Director of IT Operations, US Media Organization

Recently, a large block of data was deleted from the database of one of our major applications. While we were able to restore the database, management wanted solid answers about how this incident occurred. I downloaded the SQL Log Rescue tool and within two hours was able to review the transaction logs and determine the date, time and application user responsible for the data deletion. Our management staff was very impressed with SQL Log Rescue for its value as an investigative tool, and were even more pleased with its potential for data recovery.

A happy Log Rescue customer

This type of tool is a must have. What do you do when a user updates data, central to the system, in the middle of an active business day? You can't simply run a restore without rolling back all the other thousands of transactions that have occurred. This tool will allow you to do that. For that reason alone, it's probably going to become one of your most valuable assets.

Grant Fritchey, SQLServerCentral.com

SQL Log Rescue allows DBAs to undo and redo their SQL Server database transactions. By doing so, users are protected from losing data, and more importantly, reducing or eliminating downtime. In simple terms, SQL Log Rescue allows you to see "who has done what and when.

Dinesh Asanka, SQL-Server-Performance.Com

Many SQL Server gurus have gone on record claiming that if they had only one tool to help them with DBAs tasks, Log Explorer would be it. But that was before Red Gate Software entered the scene with SQL Log Rescue. How do the two products stand up in a head-to-head comparison?

Michael K. Campbell, SQL Server Magazine
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