SQL Log Rescue

SQL Log Rescue only works with SQL Server 2000 32-bit, so it's available for free.

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SQL Log Rescue is an award-winning log analysis tool, allowing you to explore your logs to view information on database transactions. Additionally, SQL Log Rescue should be kept on hand in case of a potential disaster – if you have accidentally deleted, inserted or modified your database, SQL Log Rescue will help you get the data back.

SQL Log Rescue is compatible with SQL Server 2000 only. It is now available as a free download. Forum support is available to help answer your questions about the tool.

SQL Log Rescue is ideal for protecting your data in the event of mistakes or accidents, recovering dropped tables, undoing rogue queries, and identifying who has done what to your database, and when they did it. As a disaster recovery tool it is invaluable, since it will minimize data loss as well as downtime.

SQL Log Rescue can help you understand the demands on your database in terms of numbers of transactions, rate of data change, volume of users, and so on, by letting you explore your logs to see what is going on.

Please note that SQL Log Rescue does not support 64-bit versions of SQL Server or SQL Server versions other than SQL Server 2000.

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