Trusting SQL Backup Pro with critical data

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Paul Redpath is the Managing Director of Catalyst2, a web-hosting company established in 2000. Catalyst2 began by hosting websites made by family and friends, and has grown to become one of the UK's most established providers, winning the 2012 ISPA (Internet Services Providers' Association) Award for Best Consumer Customer Service.

We're trusted with critical data

Catalyst2 provides customers with web hosting, dedicated servers, and email for their customers. They are a small, dedicated team who know most of their customers by name and get things done quickly, and with minimum fuss.

All their servers are hosted in London Docklands, with databases ranging in size from 1MB to 200GB. Hosting packages for customers are provided on their own VMware cloud platform. Because Catalyst2 provides managed dedicated servers, their customers rely on them to store business critical data and count on Catalyst2 to have a consistent, reliable backup solution with fast, simple restores if required.

"It is our responsibility to ensure that we have the best backup solution possible, which is why we use Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro."

Choosing the right solution

"We looked at several different SQL Server backup solutions out there. After testing each against our criteria Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro came out on top – reliable, and doing everything that we needed. Technical Support is also an important element, even the best solutions can have issues sometimes, and knowing there is a knowledgeable person at the end of the phone at Red Gate takes away much of the worry around reliable backups."

"It's important that we can rely on the integrity of a backup solution, without having to spend countless man-hours verifying that jobs have completed and that the data is intact."

"SQL Backup Pro provides a much faster, more reliable method of backup and restore compared to native SQL Server backup. No more messing around in SQL manager, just a simple-to-use GUI that works flawlessly every time."

Why we love SQL Backup Pro

"SQL Backup Pro enables us to set-up email alerts for any issues that occur and easily move backups between servers, even going as far as mirroring them to a separate server."

"When backing up larger critical databases, the compression and copy features have proved invaluable, we are able to compress databases by over 50% and also automatically copy them to another location in one job. This gives us and our clients' peace of mind that their data is safe."

$995 per server
SQL Backup Pro is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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