Log shipping over the WAN to save time and money

Sonoco Europe wanted to log ship its Navision databases from subsidiaries spread across Europe. Unable to perform this log shipping with native SQL Server, because the log files were too big after a full backup, Sonoco Europe needed a fast, dependable solution.

Simple, fast, and economical

Fortunately, the answer was simple, fast, and economical: use Red Gate's SQL Backup with integrated compression to set up log shipping over the WAN.

It took only a couple of hours to implement the software; after a week of testing it was online and working perfectly. Sonoco Europe has saved time and money by not having to make extra LAN-to-LAN connections to its disaster recovery site, and by being able to use standard SQL Server instead of Enterprise SQL Server on its DR servers.

Perfect synchronization, impressive compression

Johan Feytens, Belgium IT Support for Sonoco Europe, says,

SQL Backup enables us to keep 13 simultaneous environments in synch on our DR servers. It was easy to install, and we were able to implement it immediately. All of our databases are now synchronized perfectly with a compression ratio of more than 80%.

For Feytens, SQL Backup does not just back up and log ship data. SQL Backup has also given Feytens peace of mind, and the luxury of time.

SQL Backup's compression capabilities, easy-to-use interface, and good price meet all of my needs. It gives me time to work on my many other projects.

$995 per server
SQL Backup Pro is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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