Faster, secure backups and the end of the dreaded highway trips

One of the most reviled highways in the U.S. is the one around Washington, D.C. called the Capital Beltway, scene of multi-tasking motorists driving too fast, frequent accidents and breakdowns, and highway work at the most inopportune times and places. Before buying Red Gate's SQL Backup, Conan Whalen-McKain, a senior technical consultant, had to face the Capital Beltway whenever he had to retrieve backups for a database he manages for Aquilent, a company that provides technology services to the U.S. government.

Here's Whalen-McKain's story in his own words.

The government database we manage is not housed locally and we don't have access to the servers in the agency's secure facility. Before implementing SQL Backup, the database was so large that it would take several days to remotely retrieve a backup when we wanted to restore a production database to development. We experienced failures and too much data loss retrieving the backup in this way.  So, instead we decided to retrieve the backup on location, which meant driving a state away and staying the entire day.  And, we had to drive on the Capital Beltway, which if you've ever done it...

It was important for my sanity and the efficiency of our operations that we find a secure backup system that could handle our requirements, so we would no longer have to deal with the one-day backup trips, and we could do backup any time we wanted.

We selected SQL Backup because it was the most compelling solution for the price. It had the features of the much more expensive systems at a better price, and installation was the easiest I've ever seen. We were doing backups the same day we installed the software.

The backup compression is very good - it decreases the size of our database by about 90 percent and reduces our backup window from more than two hours to one hour. We can then electronically retrieve a backup in several hours instead of several days or a full day of traveling to the government site.

Encryption in SQL Backup is done easily through the software's interface. Ease and reliability of backup encryption are essential for us, since it is a federal mandate that data at rest - basically backup data - must be encrypted and as secure as day-to-day operational data. With SQL Backup, we know our data is as secure as possible.

We are ramping up to using more and more tools from Red Gate's SQL Toolbelt. SQL Data Generator is helping us create ways to do development work without using actual government data. SQL Compare has helped us find and track back problems in code when we move from production to test databases.

Red Gate software has been a total win for Aquilent and a comfort for me. Away from work, I can concentrate on my computer gaming and the never-ending job of fixing the wear and tear on my 1926 house in Baltimore, Maryland.

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