For the Quellos Group, the differences are clear

Some IT managers have posited that SQL database backup tools, like brands of vodka, are all the same.  Not Wayne Hiner, Database IT Manager for the Quellos Group, based in Seattle.

Hiner has seen the differences at first hand, and quantified them. The Quellos Group offers integrated financial services to its clients.  The emphasis on service means up-to-date information delivered on demand which, in turn, means multiple backups during the day, and the ability to bounce back quickly from any disaster – natural or man-made.

After a thorough analysis of the leading SQL database backup tools, Hiner has declared Red Gate's SQL Backup a clear winner.

Ease of use and reliability save valuable working hours

Hiner says,

It's really no contest. Against its nearest competitor, SQL Backup is much less expensive, 10–15% faster in backups, and 60% faster in storing files; backup file sizes are anywhere from 5% to 25% smaller. Log shipping in SQL Backup not only works, but is robust, enabling us to automate for greater business continuity.  SQL Backup's ease of use and reliability save us around 30 person-hours a week.

So, next time you hear that "all SQL backup tools are the same bromide", think of Wayne Hiner and give the appropriate response:

Rubbish! Obviously you haven't tried SQL Backup from Red Gate.

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