Case studies

Find out how other users have been using SQL Backup Pro to simplify their MS SQL Server backup and restore schedules.

Kiwibank uses SQL Backup Pro automated restores to verify backups

Find out how Brent McCraken and the Kiwibank DBA team use SQL Backup to guarantee 100% backup reliability for disaster recovery.

Trusting SQL Backup with critical data

Catalyst2's customers trust them with their business critical data, and Catalyst2's Managing Director Paul Redpath trusts SQL Backup.

SQL Backup - Faster, secure backups and the end of the dreaded highway trips

Before buying Red Gate's SQL Backup, Conan Whalen-McKain, a senior technical consultant, had to face the Capital Beltway whenever he had to retrieve backups. See how SQL Backup helped.

SQL Backup gives peace of mind to Ysaias Portes, senior DBA

Ysaias Portes, a senior DBA at Memorial Healthcare System, likes to save his adventures for trips to faraway places. When it comes to his job, he wants calm and quiet. Fortunately, he's found an ally for his preferences in SQL Backup from Red Gate.

At LumiData, data is king and the king uses SQL Backup Pro

As its name suggests, LumiData knows data. How to collect it, how to present it, how to help customers. Find out how John Trumbul, senior software engineer, uses the tools in the SQL Toolbelt, including SQL Backup Pro, to oversee and manage data operations for more than 500 databases.

Smooth sailing with SQL Backup

With a cleverly devised redundancy strategy aboard ship, SQL Backup helps keep the newly launched Ocean Village 2 sailing.

SQL Backup saves a day and a half a week that I can use for other vital database activities

Lee Mellor is a database administrator for MRM London. Their reputation is built and maintained in the digital world, so they can't afford technology failures. Secure and reliable backups are especially important, since data is at the core of their direct marketing business. They use Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro

SQL Backup supports the good life in Norfolk

Since Kurt Frary at Norfolk County Council introduced SQL Backup Pro into his team, the backup footprint for the council's IT infrastructure has been reduced by 96%. For Kurt, this has also translated into considerable savings on additional SAN storage disks.

For the Quellos Group, the differences are clear

SQL Backup's ease of use and reliability saves the Quellos Group around 30 person-hours a week.

Perfect synchronization, impressive compression with SQL Backup's log shipping

By using SQL Backup's log shipping over the WAN, Sonoco Europe saved time and money, and gained peace of mind.

$995 per server
SQL Backup Pro is licensed and priced per server, with volume discounts available.

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