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Case studies

Using SQL Backup Pro, log file backups are now compressed to less than 500KB


When supporting 30+ production databases had become near impossible for the team at Boston Limited, they knew that they needed to introduce some automation and tools in order to cope with the increasing demand.

They turned to Red Gate's DBA Bundle for help.

Download Boston Limited trial the SQL DBA Bundle

SQL Backup - Faster, secure backups and the end of the dreaded highway trips

Before buying Red Gate's SQL Backup, Conan Whalen-McKain, a senior technical consultant, had to face the Capital Beltway whenever he had to retrieve backups. See how SQL Backup helped.

SQL Backup saves a day and a half a week that I can use for other vital database activities

Lee Mellor is a database administrator for MRM London. Their reputation is built and maintained in the digital world, so they can't afford technology failures. Secure and reliable backups are especially important, since data is at the core of their direct marketing business. They use Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro

Geeks with... SQL Monitor

How Geeks with Blogs uses SQL Monitor

Geekswithblogs.net uses SQL Monitor to keep their servers running smoothly for their users around the world. They use SQL Monitor to help look after server performance, determine why certain issues occur, and get daily statistics on blogger registration and content production.

Download Geeks with... SQL Monitor

SQL Monitor running on Monsoon Commerce's Production servers

Find out how SQL Monitor is used to keep track of the databases Monsoon Commerce use to power alibris.com, an online marketplace of more than 150 million items.

At LumiData, data is king and the king wears SQL Toolbelt

Think of the importance of managing and monitoring 10 SQL Servers with more than 500 databases that hold hundreds of millions, in some cases billions, of dollars in sales data.

Then think of John Trumbul of LumiData, a senior software engineer who oversees these operations as combination DBA and lead developer for SETL.

We could tell you some of John's story, but you might not believe us. And, who better to tell the story than John himself?

So here it is in his own words.

Automated data syncing with SQL Data Compare and TeamCity

Find out how Troy Hunt used SQL Data Compare to sync data back down from production, to his test and development environments.


Daily DBA Tasks
Presented by Grant Fritchey and Steve Jones
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Using SQL Monitor in the Real World
Presented by Brad McGehee and Steve Jones
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SQL Monitor: Gathering and Interpreting Server Metrics
Presented by Steve Jones and Grant Fritchey
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SQL Monitor: The Future of SQL Server Monitoring and Alerting
Presented by Ben Rees
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Business Intelligence Development using SQL Developer Tools Watch video
Don't Lose Your Data: backup, verification and restore tips from Grant Fritchey [webinar slides] View slides

SQL Prompt: A faster way to work with SQL, keep code readable, master your database and intro to SQL Prompt labs:

This webinar ran in two sessions to suit those in different time zones. While the main content of the webinars is the same, audience questions are unique to each session.

Watch video (Europe)

Watch video (US)


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