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Simon Johnson
Regional Sales Manager – EMEA

Why did you choose Red Gate?

I chose Red Gate because the people I met during my interviews great showed passion and verve for the company. I really enjoyed my first interview actually... and was asked to stay on for an immediate second interview with Neil and Simon [Red Gate's Co-Founders]. As soon as I met them I knew that Red Gate would be a great fit for me.

When did you join Red Gate?

February 2004.

Before you arrived at Red Gate what did you do?

I had actually been travelling the world for a year immediately prior to joining Red Gate, however for 3 years before that I had worked for a hardware company specialised in high-end video editing solutions for the post-production industry.

What does your job involve on a day-to-day basis?

I have a great job! I work as part of a Sales Management Team tasked with growing revenue for the company, and developing my team to be great. I work closely with the US Sales Management Team, and also many other functions across Red Gate, with the aim of always striving to improve.

Give us an example of some great work you've done as Regional Sales Manager at Red Gate.

Right now we're centralising the sales function, we have made some huge strides towards pulling this off, and the challenge ahead looks optimistic and exciting. I am learning in my role every day.

What do you like about working in Sales at Red Gate?

The thing I enjoy most about working within the sales function, is the ability to directly impact revenue. We have made mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes, however as long as we learn from these, we will continue to grow the revenue year on year for the company.

What do you like most about Red Gate today?

I like the fact that Red Gate is staying true to its principles, which is caring about staff and customers. Even though we are no longer officially a small company, we continue to strive for new ways to impress our staff and customers.

Complete the following sentence: I know everything there is to know about...

…having 2 young boys, whilst managing a function of 30 people! 

What's your favourite book?

Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall

What super power do you wish you had (or have but aren't telling anyone because that's the point of being super)?

The ability to put my boys to bed on time every night without any issues… oh, and for them to sleep through the night without any disturbances!

What's your most memorable Red Gate experience so far?

There have been many, but the taster menu at Midsummer House was pretty good.

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