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Redgate are currently looking for highly motivated Software Testers with a passion for all things testing.

Why be a tester at Redgate?

Testers at Redgate are an integral part of high quality, high performing, cross-functional, agile development teams. Critical thinking, observation, idea generation, reporting, exploration, and experimentation are just a few of the skills required to be a tester in a context-driven, agile environment and they're skills we value in our Testers.

As a Tester, you can also be involved in additional activities such as requirements analysis, planning, test design, releasing, and post-release support in a truly agile organisation.

Testers at Redgate have the opportunity to use their skills in the many stages of a project. Our testers are at the forefront of monitoring and ensuring usability and reliabilty of our products.

You should think about applying if…

  • You are passionate about software testing.
  • You work well in a small team and evangelise quality.
  • You see software through the user’s eyes.
  • You know what exploratory testing is.
  • You can explain why automated testing is better than manual testing.
  • You can explain why manual testing is better than automated testing.
  • You engage with the wider testing community.
  • You know you don’t know everything about testing.
  • You’ve already spotted the typo in this advert!

At Redgate we are less concerned with your job title, and more focussed on what you do and what difference you make. We strongly believe in personal development and will actively support you and help you get better at what you do.

You can find out more about testing at Redgate and what makes us tick as a development team at

What's the package?

  • A great benefits package.
  • A commitment to your continuous learning and development.
  • You'll work about 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday, with flexible work time.
  • Salary is £35k-£45k, depending on experience.
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Have you considered being a Build Master?

You might currently be a Software Engineer or Tester, but what about moving your career on and being a Build Master?

A Build Master ensures builds work, collaborates with people fixing broken builds, and works on improving the build process. It's a challenging role – and an exciting one too.

So if you know about DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Scrum and Kanban, Puppet and NuGet, we'd like to know about you.

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How to apply

Apply below with a CV and covering letter.

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The Redgate Recruitment process

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

1st interview

Step 4

2nd interview

Step 5


Step 1
Step 1. Application

Step one is your application. So write a letter and upload it on the page for the job you’re interested in. Tell us about yourself, your skills and experience, and talk about why you’d like to work at Redgate. Include a CV, or a link to your LinkedIn page, and if you'd like to show some of your work, attach your portfolio or point us to Stack Overflow or GitHub.

Step 2
Step 2. Assessment

We’ll acknowledge your application straight away, review it and keep you updated on your progress. We might also email an assessment to complete, or invite you for a brief telephone interview. If we don’t think you’re suitable, we’ll inform you – and tell you why. We won’t let you down, we’ll try and help you.

Step 3
Step 3. 1st Interview

Step three is an interview in our Cambridge office. We’ll talk about your work history, your covering letter or video, and any assessments you’ve completed. You might also be asked to do some work-based tests and, if you’re applying for a technical role, expect technical questions – we love talking tech.

Step 4
Step 4. 2nd Interview

The second interview typically lasts two hours. You’ll be talking to different people, you may well meet people you’ll be working with, and we’ll allow time for you to ask questions. We don’t have a dress code at Redgate, by the way, so dress in whatever makes you comfortable.

Step 1
Step 5. Offer

If we think you’d be great at Redgate, we’ll make an offer and iron out any details like relocation issues. If we don’t think you’ll fit in right away, we’ll tell you why. Some people have taken our advice, boned up their knowledge and come back a year later and got a job. It helps.

This is our typical recruitment process, though for some roles it might be a bit different.

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