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Software Testers

Red Gate are currently looking for highly motivated Software Testers with a passion for all things testing.

Testers at Red Gate are an integral part of high quality, high performing, cross-functional, agile development teams. Critical thinking, observation, idea generation, reporting, exploration, and experimentation are just a few of the skills required to be a tester in a context-driven, agile environment and they're skills we value in our Testers.

As a Tester, you can also be involved in additional activities such as requirements analysis, planning, test design, releasing, and post-release support in a truly agile organisation.

Testers at Red Gate have the opportunity to use their skills in the many stages of a project. Our testers are at the forefront of monitoring and ensuring usability and reliabilty of our products.

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At Red Gate we are less concerned with your job title, and more focussed on what you do and what difference you make. We strongly believe in personal development and will actively support you and help you get better at what you do.

You can find out more about testing at Red Gate and what makes us tick as a development team at

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