SQL Source Control 2.1 from Redgate now supports all major source control systems

CAMBRIDGE, UK, March 31, 2011Redgate has added support for eight source control systems – Vault Standard, Vault Professional, Kiln (Hg), Mercurial (Hg), Git, Perforce, CVS and Bazaar – to SQL Source Control, the company's unique tool for controlling all database elements from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Previous versions provided support for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Subversion (SVN).

"Developers are now able to bring their database development in line with their application development processes no matter what source control system they use," says Stephanie Herr, project manager for SQL Source Control 2.1.

Productivity and confidence

Jeff Clausius, project lead for SourceGear Vault, says SQL Source Control 2.1 provides a major productivity boost and eliminates a perennial problem: "Database development has always presented architectural challenges when integrating with version control tools, but this is no longer an obstacle for users of Vault and SQL Source Control 2.1."

Vault customer Mark Caldwell (Ajarn Mark) concurs, and adds: "It will help me be more confident because it reduces the chance that a change will be missed. It also makes it easier to bring on temporary contract help – they can use whatever development techniques they want and SQL Source Control 2.1 will catch the changes and queue them up to be checked in."

Time savings and obvious value

Rob Sobers, head of professional services at Fog Creek, says that SQL Source Control 2.1 will save a lot of time for Kiln customers. "It's so easy. I installed the tool, launched it and got the FogBugz database schema completely version controlled and checked into Kiln in five minutes flat. There is now absolutely no excuse for not version-controlling databases."

For Kiln customer Pete Duncanson, SQL Source Control 2.1 removes one of those "dark areas" associated with the inability to version control databases. "I've already added three of our databases into Kiln using SQL Source Control 2.1. The value of it is so obvious from the moment you get the first one entered that you just want to add others."

Try it in less than five minutes

Visit the Redgate website and use a new evaluation repository to start trying out SQL Source Control 2.1 in less than five minutes.


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