Redgate releases SQL Source Control 2.0

V2.0 source controls both data and database schema, supports shared model, and delivers new evaluation repository enabling tryouts in less than five minutes

Cambridge, UK, March 3, 2011 – Redgate has added the ability to source control data to SQL Source Control, providing a complete tool for source controlling all database elements from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

SQL Source Control connects users' existing source control systems – either Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Subversion (SVN) – to SQL Server. In addition to providing source control for both static data and database schema, SQL Source Control 2.0 supports a shared model that allows development team members to see each other's database changes in real time. This complements the dedicated model introduced in V1.0 last summer.

Simple and natural

"SQL Source Control integrates seamlessly with SSMS," says Troy Hunt, a solutions architect for a major pharmaceutical company. "It makes database source control feel like a natural extension to the environment rather than an autonomous process."

"For the first time, developers don't have to change the way they work to get all the benefits of source control for SQL Server," says Stephanie Herr, project manager for SQL Source Control 2.0. "I can say a lot about it, but developers need to try it to believe how simple and valuable it is."

Try it in less than five minutes

Visit the Redgate website and use a new evaluation repository to start trying out SQL Source Control 2.0 in less than five minutes.


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