Coding by the sea and Redgate rigor deliver SQL Search, free SSMS plug-in

CAMBRIDGE, U.K., February 1, 2010 - Send two developers, a designer and a tester to a house by the sea for a week to come up with a new software tool.  Then spend a couple of months testing, getting user comments, and fine-tuning before final release.

Call it product development Redgate style.  The result is SQL Search, a plug-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that allows users to search their database schemas to instantly locate any term in stored procedures, functions, views and more. Free downloads of SQL Search are now available on the Redgate web site.

What users say

'Holy smoke, it's fantastic. For large databases it's never been easy to find schema items. SQL Search is fast and unobtrusive; it's there when I need it and provides the results I need quickly.'
David Sussman, ASP.NET consultant
'We have had the occasion to move databases to a new server.  SQL Search makes it easier to find all of the instances where the previous server was mentioned by name and correct them.  This has also happened as data is moved to new databases and references to the old database need to be changed.'
 Lori Edwards, senior database administrator, Amadeus Revenue Integrity
'With SQL Search installed, I no longer have to trawl through Management Studio's Object Explorer to find what I'm looking for - it is usually only a few keystrokes away.'
  Jeremy Skinner, senior software developer, The Sixth Form College Farnborough
'It's incredible in letting you search the objects of your databases for anything you can think of - and maybe even more.'
 Eric Moreau, senior consultant, Moer Inc.

Check out other SQL tools

Visit the Redgate web site to investigate and try out other SQL Server tools, including SQL Prompt, the code completion and productivity tool for SSMS, SQL Compare for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schemas, and SQL Source Control for storing SQL Server databases under source control.


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