Death to documentation tedium:

New SQL Doc 2.0 from Redgate

Cambridge, UK, December 4, 2008 - What do watching paint dry, a Britney Spears concert and white bread have in common?  They're all more enjoyable than SQL Server database documentation.

That is, unless documentation is being done with SQL Doc from Redgate.  The newly released SQL Doc 2.0 - which includes export to Microsoft Word, support for SQL Server 2008, and user interface improvements - takes the tedium out of database documentation.

How does it work?

SQL Doc 2.0 eliminates the need to go through every table, listing all the associated columns, and describing how they are related to other tables in the database.  It automatically reads the tables, views, stored procedures and other objects from the database schema and creates a document that details them all.

SQL Doc 2.0 also provides an interface that makes it easy to enter and store high-level descriptions of what each column and table actually does.

Shock, awe and embarrassment

"This one wins hands down," said Doug Shontz, senior database administrator for AdvancED*, after testing SQL Doc against other documentation tools.  "When we looked at this, three DBAs had the same reaction - dead silence - and then words of awed exclamation."

"This tool is embarrassingly easy to use," says David Hayden, an ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server developer and Microsoft MVP.

Check it out

SQL Doc 2.0 starts at $295 for a single license.  More information, a demo, and a fully functional, 14-day trial are available at


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