New SQL Backup Pro 6 from Redgate Software:

"reassuringly resilient" or simply "the tool for the job"

CAMBRIDGE, UK, July 9, 2009 -- Redgate Software has released SQL Backup Pro 6, with network resilience to recover interrupted backup operations, self-healing log shipping, and a new advanced compression algorithm.

"Marketing calls it 'reassuringly resilient'; I call it the tool for the job," says Colin Millerchip, SQL Backup Pro 6 product manager.  "The new features in version 6 are Redgate's answer to backup issues that keep DBAs awake at night -- the issues not addressed easily by native SQL Server or other backup software."

Resilient and self-healing

As implemented in SQL Backup Pro 6, network resilience eliminates the time-consuming forensics required to recover interrupted backup operations following an outage. DBAs can use default settings or settings of their own to designate the length of time SQL Backup Pro 6 waits before retrying a transfer from where it was interrupted and also to determine the number of attempts SQL Backup Pro makes at retrying the backup operation.

If a network outage occurs while transaction log backup files are being copied, SQL Backup Pro 6 keeps a record of the affected files. When the network outage is resolved, the "self-healing" process begins: SQL Backup Pro 6 automatically re-attempts the transfer from where it was interrupted and reprocesses the affected transaction log files.

Storing more in less space

When storage space is at a premium, SQL Backup Pro 6 offers a new compression level for maximum backup compression. The software's compression analyzer enables users to assess which of SQL Backup Pro 6's four compression levels would be optimal, depending on whether the priority is speed or size of backup.

Other new features

Other new features in SQL Backup Pro 6 include:

What testers say

"Very intuitive. The level of compression is amazing. For the network resilience feature, the number of retries and backup to network shares/SAN drives are excellent options. This utility makes DR work and nightly backups a breeze. The product just works."
Colin Brown, SQL Backup Pro v6 pre-release tester and Microsoft MVP

"Network resilience puts SQL Backup Pro 6 at the top of the list of backup tools. It's the cherry on top, and I definitely recommend using SQL Backup over SQL Server 2008 native backups."William Durkin, Development DBA, ROSEN Technology and Research Center

Test drive it for yourself

More information, screen shots, demos, testimonials and a fully functional, 14-day trial of SQL Backup Pro 6 are available at


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