Redgate acquires HyperBac

Alliance promises exciting range of products for database and system administrators

CAMBRIDGE, UK, March 23, 2010 - Redgate Software has completed the acquisition of HyperBac Technologies, combining the resources of two companies known for the simplicity and innovation of their database and system administration tools.

HyperBac software will continue to be sold and supported through the company's web site in the near term, and the HyperBac development team will work jointly on software development with Redgate over the long term.

A good match for the community

"We strongly believe that Redgate provides us with the best resources, environment and culture to continue development and innovation of HyperBac technologies," says Jeffrey Aven, director of HyperBac. "Redgate is a well-known brand held in high regard by the SQL Server and development communities, giving us increased opportunities to reach a wider range of IT professionals with our products."

In the near term, DBAs and systems administrators can expect greater flexibility for SQL Server backup using the complementary strengths of Redgate's SQL Backup and HyperBac for SQL Server.  But, Simon Galbraith, co-CEO of Redgate, sees much broader prospects from the combined Redgate and HyperBac forces.

"Red Gate and HyperBac tools have always been well-matched in their innovation and simplicity for creating compressed SQL Server backups, but the alignment goes far beyond that particular area," says Galbraith. "The combination of HyperBac know-how and Red Gate's focus on producing relentlessly tested, ingeniously simple tools will enable us to create a wide range of database and system administration tools that solve the challenges our customers face."

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About HyperBac Technologies

HyperBac Technologies has more than 400 customers and 5,000 installations worldwide. The company's products have received numerous accolades during the past few years, including "Backup and Recovery Gold Winner" in the 2009 WindowsIT Community Choice Awards.

About Redgate Software

Founded in 1999, Redgate Software produces ingeniously simple tools used by more than 500,000 IT professionals worldwide. The company currently specializes in SQL Server, .NET and Exchange Server tools. Redgate has been chosen as one of The Sunday Times (UK) 100 best small companies to work for in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.


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