Redgate advances .NET Reflector technology

Cambridge, UK, February 15, 2010 Red Gate Software has launched two new tools that advance .NET Reflector technology: the latest version of the free .NET Reflector and .NET Reflector Pro, a $195 Visual Studio add-in.

The free .NET Reflector 6 fixes bugs reported by users, adds Microsoft .NET 4 support, and includes a new Visual Studio add-in that allows developers to jump into Reflector from your source code. The new .NET Reflector Pro extends Reflector technology to enable developers to debug third-party code even if they don't have the source code for it.

Moving the free tool forward

Jason Haley, a prominent Microsoft .NET developer, likes what Redgate is doing with the free community tool:

"Redgate is doing a great job of keeping .NET Reflector moving forward with new support for .NET 4.0 and other changes that help improve existing functionality. Above all, it is still free!"

Uninterrupted workflow

With the new .NET Reflector Pro, Redgate is providing capabilities not available in the free Reflector tool or its freely available add-ins. Redgate's Bart Read, Reflector project manager, offers three major reasons why .NET Reflector Pro delivers value to developers:

"Because you can do these three things, development workflow is not interrupted," says Read. "You don't have to step out of the debugger to fire up .NET Reflector. You can just carry right on with debugging."

What users say about .NET Reflector Pro

"The new .NET Reflector Pro functionality is great and well worth the price," says Haley. "Adding Reflector Pro to Visual Studio 2010 is going to save me time; it will more than pay for itself."

".NET Reflector Pro is one of the most useful, practical debugging tools that I have ever worked with in .NET," says Tom Baker, consultant software engineer for EMC Corp.

"Redgate did an excellent job of integrating .NET Reflector Pro right into Visual Studio," says Miha MarkiĀ, a .NET consultant and developer. "From now on, I can understand third-party code much better, which gives me a huge advantage."

Find out for yourself

For more information and free downloads of .NET Reflector 6 and .NET Reflector Pro, visit /products/dotnet-development/reflector/


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