Redgate archived news from 2011

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Cerebrata is acquired by Redgate, providing tools and increased support for developers working with Windows Azure Read press release
SQL Azure Backup 2.5 released  
SQL Data Generator 2 integration in to SSMS and generic Python data generator  
SQL Dependency Tracker 2.7 integration in to SSMS  
SQL Doc 2.1 integration in to SSMS  
SQL Compare 10 adds the ability to store and manage migration scripts  
SQL Source Control 3.0 adds the ability to store and manage migration scripts  
SQL Storage Compress 6  
SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA® Read press release
SQL Backup Pro 6.5 released  
SQL Monitor 2.3  
SQL Developer Bundle wins "Best of Teched" in the Database Development Category.
Redgate celebrates with a 10% discount on the SQL Developer and SQL DBA Bundles
Read press release
SQL Monitor 2.2 released, including maintenance windows and further alerts  
SQL Virtual Restore 2.3 released  
ANTS Memory Profiler 7 released. Read press release
SmartAssembly 6 released, including usage tracking for application features and increased Silverlight support.  
SQL Compare 9 is released and now supports SQL Azure databases  
SQL Source Control 2 released, adding the ability to source control static data, better support for shared database development, and simpler and easier evaluation. Read press release
.NET Reflector 7 released.  
SQL Data Compare 9 is released, with support for SQL Azure databases  
SQL in the City – Free SQL Server training the Redgate way. Find out more about the event closest to you. Read press release
SQL Source Control 2.1 released, adding support for SourceGear Vault, Vault Pro, and additional systems (Mercurial, Perforce, CVS, Git, and more). Read press release

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