Redgate archived news from 2010

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Data Compare for Oracle released. Read press release
SQL Monitor v2 is now available Read press release
SQL Prompt 5 released.  
PST Importer 2010 released.  
SQL Storage Compress 5.0 is now available enabling you to compress live databases by up to 90%.
Exceptional DBA 2010 announced.
ANTS Memory Profiler 6.0 released.  
SQL DBA Bundle is released, bringing together Redgate and HyperBac powered database administration tools at a discounted price over purchasing the tools individually.  
The SQL Backup and Restore Bundle is released, bringing together SQL Backup Pro, SQL HyperBac and SQL Virtual Restore together in a great value package for high-performance backups and restores.
SQL HyperBac is now available at Redgate. Experience silent compression for faster, smaller SQL Server backups.  
SQL Virtual Restore 2.0 is now available. Rapidly mount live, fully functional databases direct from backups.  
Support for Oracle 9i in Schema Compare for Oracle released.  
.NET Reflector 6.5 and .NET Reflector Pro 6.5 released.  
SQL Source Control 1.0 is now available. Bring all of the new benefits of source control to your database.  
Exchange Server Archiver 3.0 released with support for Exchange 2010 and enterprise scalability.  
SmartAssembly 5 released.  
MySQL Compare Early Access Program is released, enabling you to compare and synchronize the schema of MySQL databases.  
Schema Compare for Oracle is released, enabling you to compare and synchronize the schemas of Oracle databases.  
The Exceptional DBA Awards are back in 2010. Would you like to nominate yourself or a DBA you know? Nominations are now open.  
PST Importer for Exchange Server Archiver expected.  
ANTS Performance Profiler 6 now available, with attach to process, silverlight performance profiling, SQL profiling and support for .NET 4.
Redgate acquires HyperBac. The alliance promises an exciting range of products for database and system administrators.
Exchange Server Archiver 2.1 released includes support for Redgate PST Importer and improved pricing for larger businesses.  
PST Importer Early Access Program released.  
.NET Reflector 6 and .NET Reflector Pro released.
SQL Search is launched as a freely available tool to search SQL Server databases.
ANTS Memory Profiler 5.2 released.  

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