Redgate archived news from 2009

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Basic CLR 4.0 support for ANTS Performance Profiler and ANTS Memory Profiler.  
Exchange Server Archiver 1.1 released installation improvements and improved manageability of networks with multiple domains and multiple Exchange servers.  
.NET Reflector Pro 6 Early Access Build released - .NET Reflector 6 comes with a Visual Studio Add-in that lets you use Visual Studio's step-through-debugging on assemblies that you don't have the source code for.  
SQL Object Level Recovery Native is released, introducing object level recovery for native SQL Server backups.
Redgate acquires {smartassembly}
Exception Hunter 2.0 released  
SQL Backup 6.2 is released, introducing object level recovery for SQL Backup (.sqb) backups  
SQL Prompt 4.0 is released bringing significantly improved performance and precision. This new version also features a redesigned look and feel to make SQL Prompt easier and more pleasant to use.  
SQL Data Compare 8.0 is released. New features include creating, comparing, and synchronizing scripts folders, making it easier to keep databases under source control.
SQL Compare 8.1 is released. This new version shares projects with SQL Data Compare 8 and means that you can now compare and synchronize both your schemas and your data, moving seamlessly from one tool to the other.  
SQL Backup 6.0 is released with new features and enhancements for robust, resilient backups, including: new network resilience for backups and log shipping, a fourth high-performance compression level, enhanced performance to the timeline, and the ability to check for orphaned users and kill existing connections during the restore process.
SQL Developer Bundle is released, providing 10 essential tools for developers.  
Redgate selected for 2009 SD Times 100
ANTS Performance Profiler 5 & ANTS Memory Profiler 5 released.
Exchange Server Archiver released, a new email archiving tool for Exchange. Outlook Add-ins provide a transparent end-user experience with message preview, instant message retrieval and an integrated search of both archived and non-archived messages. Exchange Server Archiver reduces the size of the Exchange information store by archiving emails and attachments to a dedicated server.
SQL Response 1.3 released (bug fixes)  
SQL Comparison SDK 8.0 is released, making it easier to get started with the SDK.  
SQL Compare 8.0 is released, adding fine-grained object filtering and an improved user experience.  
SQL Response 1.2 released (bug fixes)  

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