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SQL Doc 2.0 is released, bringing a much improved user experience and the ability to export documentation as Microsoft Word documents.
Exchange Server Archiver beta released, a new tool that reduces the size of the Exchange information store by archiving e-mails and attachments to a dedicated server. Outlook Add-ins provide a seamless end-user experience with instant message retrieval and an integrated search of both archived and non-archived messages.
SQL Response 1.0 is released, providing SQL Server database professionals with no-nonsense monitoring of their SQL Servers' activity and health.
SQL Packager 6.0 is released. The new version enables packaging of pre-existing SQL scripts and therefore customization of the package prior to deployment.
ANTS Profiler 4 is released. A ground-up rewrite, it is 5-30 times faster than its predecessor, has an interactive timeline allowing analysis of performance data for any time period, a call tree that presents method-level performance data in context, enhanced line level timing and source code support, and an awe-inspiring new call graph for detailed method analysis.
SQL Backup 5 named 2008 Editor's Best Award winner by SQL Server Magazine.  
Redgate acquires .NET Reflector and will maintain a free version for the community.
A new version of the SQL Toolbelt is released that offers complete support for SQL Server 2008 across the entire product range. Included in the Toolbelt is a new version of SQL Compare that adds the ability to perform schema comparisons directly against backup files.
Sponsored by Redgate Software, the new Exceptional DBA of the Year Awards are launched to celebrate the outstanding achievements that SQL Server DBAs bring to the community and to the organizations they work for.
SQL Prompt 3.8 released. The new Pro Edition includes code layout making working with unfamiliar scripts easy.
SQL Compare 7 beta was launched. This public release will give our customers an early chance to see how SQL Compare works with SQL Server 2008. Compare to backups is up and running  
SQL Data Generator 1.0 is released, making it easy to fill any database with sensible sample data.
Redgate Software is placed in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For. For two years in a row we're the best small company in Cambridge. We've also received three stars from Best Companies meaning that we're an "extraordinary" company to work for.  
Beta of SQL Response launched. This major new product is designed to make monitoring a number of SQL Servers straightforward. The product offers monitoring, alerting and incident analysis for SQL Server DBAs.  

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