Redgate archived news from 2007


Redgate Software releases Exception Hunter, allowing developers to easily find unhandled exceptions thrown by a function.

Redgate Software releases SQL Multi Script, a new DBA tool that enables execution of multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with a single click, all from one, intuitive interface.

Redgate Software releases SQL Data Compare 6 with revolutionary new UI features and the ability to compare to backups (Pro edition).

Red Gate Software launches an updated version of Membership for the site is rapidly approaching the 500,000 mark.

Redgate Software releases SQL Prompt 3.6. It now supports CTEs, Data Dude, 'live' scripted tables and many more keywords.

Redgate Software releases SQL Prompt 3.5 offering cross-database, distributed queries; 5x speed; 95% less memory use; and a much more intelligent candidate list.

SQL Compare 6 is released, adding support for SQL script files., a wiki that provides native method (PInvoke) signatures, has joined Simple Talk Publishing.

Redgate Software releases SQL Backup 5.0 with new Timeline Monitoring and enhanced performance for creating compressed and encrypted backups.

Redgate Software wins a Jolt award for SQL Refactor, a software tool that provides database refactoring for the first time in SQL Server.

Redgate triumphs in Best Companies award.

Redgate Software releases ANTS Profiler 3.0, with Visual Studio integration, making it easier and faster to optimize performance of applications written in any of the languages available on the .NET framework.

New SQL Prompt 3 from Redgate delivers seamless auto-completion for SQL Server.

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