Redgate archived news from 2004


Redgate releases an update to SQL Bundle Developer Edition, which now includes command-line versions of SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare and SQL Packager.

Research by Redgate's Neil Davidson and Simon Galbraith is mentioned in a book about website optimization by Andrew King.

Redgate releases a major new version of ANTS Profiler which now includes memory profiling and the ability to take snapshots of your application.

SQL Compare wins a SQL Server Magazine Readers' Choice Award.

Neil Davidson has an article published, discussing how he overcame a problem with .NET when trying to write good code. Extending the save file dialog class in .NET, The Code Project.

Redgate obtains exclusive distribution rights to the Best of SQLServerCentral.Com, Vol.1eBook, and is offering free downloads from their website.

Redgate releases a new product, SQL Packager, for packaging schema and data in SQL Server so installation is much simpler.

Redgate's Simon Galbraith has his opinion on return on investment (ROI) published: When ROI is Overkill, SD Times.

An update to SQL Bundle is released. SQL Compare scripts broken dependencies in correct order, and SQL Data Compare allows selection of individual records for migration.

Although .NET provides a number of quick and easy ways to serialize and deserialize data, do not use them. Neil Davidson explains why in this article: Nine reasons not to use serialization, The Code Project.

A slightly controversial article written by Redgate's Neil Davidson is published: Mono and dotGNU: what's the point?, Slashdot.

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