Redgate archived news from 2002 and 2003


Redgate releases ANTS Load version 1.6. ANTS Load now supports .NET Framework version 1.1.

An article about the SQL Toolkit is published. Redgate SQL Server Toolkit Targets Overburdened DBAs,

Redgate releases a major new version of the SQL Toolkit for automating all SQL Server database comparison and synchronization tasks.

Redgate releases a major new version of SQL Compare which is as much as 100 times faster than its predecessor. has published an article written by Redgate's Simon Galbraith. Requirements Analysis: Take Emotion Out of Software Purchasing Decisions.

The Register has published an article written by Redgate's Simon Galbraith, Outsourcing: does it reward theft?

Redgate releases a major new version of SQL Data Compare for comparing and synchronizing the data/contents of SQL databases.

Neil Davidson, Technical Director at Redgate Software, has an article published. Lipstick on a Pig: An Object-oriented Layer on an OS That's Not,

Redgate releases a new version of ANTS Profiler, adding support for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Framework 1.1.

Redgate Software's Simon Galbraith has an article published. An Automated Solution for Migrating Database Structures,

Redgate Software's new .NET Profiler pinpoints coding problems in five minutes.

Simon Galbraith of Redgate Software has an article published. What's ROI Got to Do With It?, .NET Magazine.

Redgate publishes the results of a study on website frustration on some well-known websites.

DTS Compare is released, for comparing SQL Servers.
COMpare is released, for diagnosing mysterious ActiveX/COM errors.
Aardvark 2.0 is released, making issues easier to reproduce and manage, and enhancing communication and the development processes.
ANTS Profiler 1.0 is released, to quickly pinpoint slow .NET code, designed to be the simplest .NET profiler available.

SQL Compare is voted as 'the tool that saves the most time' by the members of SQL Server Central.

Redgate announces version 2.01 of SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare at TechEd, Barcelona.

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